Vietnamese Art at International Event “Asian Art in London”

Vietnamese Art at International Event “Asian Art in London”

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Hoang Tich Chu, Ao Dai II, lacquer on wood, 60x60 cm, 1996
Hoang Tich Chu, Ao Dai II, lacquer on wood, 60×60 cm, 1996

Exhibition: 03 – 07 Nov 2016, 11 am – 6 pm
Guy Peppiatt / Stephen Ongpin Gallery, 6 Mason’s Yard,
Duke St., St James’s London SW1Y 6BU

From the organizer:

Raquelle Azran is pleased to present ‘Vietnam Pasts and Presents’, a group show of Vietnamese fine art, as part of Asian Art in London 2016.

The exhibition contrasts earlier generations of Vietnamese artists, working in the time of French Indochine, with leading contemporary Hanoi artists, and explores European influences on their work. The exhibition features paintings in lacquer on wood, oil on canvas, watercolour on handmade paper, and woodblock prints.


Hoang Tich Chu (1912 – 2003), a member of the first generation of modernist painters in Vietnam, is renowned for his mastery of lacquer painting. A student and later lecturer at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Hanoi and awarded the prestigious Ho Chi Minh prize, his female portraits radiate languor and voluptuousness.

Luu Cong Nhan (1931 –2007), a member of Vietnam’s generation of senior artists, echoes Vietnam’s passage through time, from early Impressionism through Socialist Realism to a unique blend of East and West, as exemplified in his classic female nudes.

Tran Huu Chat (born 1933), a second generation modernist painter in Vietnam, studied under Hoang Tich Chu. After mastering painting, printing, lithography and illustration, Chat has devoted his time to carved lacquer paintings of ethnic minority tribes, of which eight are on permanent display in the Vietnam National Fine Arts Museum in Hanoi.

Phung Pham (born 1934),a master painter for over 50 years, has developed traditional Vietnamese mediums of lacquer painting and woodblock prints in a uniquely contemporary way. Inspired by the minority tribes amongst whom he lived during his formative years, Pham emphasizes geometrics of pattern and line to evoke lyrical and stylized female nudes.


Dinh Hanh (born 1957)juxtaposes the ancient Asian technique of lacquer on wood with strikingly modernist representations of the female nude. Focusing exclusively on form, Hanh’s work beguiles with delicate line and contour and shimmering glow.

Dinh Thi Tham Poong (born 1970), a Vietnamese woman of minority hill tribe ethnicity, addresses societal change in vivid watercolour on handmade paper. Her Everywoman journeys from village culture and dress to contemporary issues of belonging and roots.

Vu Thu Hien (born 1970) clothes her women in lyrical auras of serenity. Painting in soft watercolour on traditional Vietnamese paper, Hien opens a window into a gentle world of timelessness in which human figures, nature and ancestral spirits gently intermingle.

Vu DucTrung (born 1981) imbues his lacquer painting landscapes with Impressionist poetry. The subtlety and delicate shadings of his palette reflect his studies inthe Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts in Paris, as does his unique use of perspective in lacquer art.

Asian Art In London brings together over sixty of the world’s top dealers, major auction houses and museums for an annual ten-day celebration of the finest Asian art.


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