Short Film Project “Roommate” Extends Crowdfunding Campaign

Short Film Project “Roommate” Extends Crowdfunding Campaign

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From the film director:

After 60 days of crowdfunding on the Fundstart platform, until 11 Jan 2017, the “Roommate” short film project has received support from 56 people with a total fund of 33,500,000 VND – 39% of our target. On behalf of the Roommate crew and crowdfunding project members, Viet (director) would like to sincerely thank you for your attention and support to this independent film project.

The Roommate producer knows that the crowdfunding concept is so new in Vietnam that it will be more challenging for us to convince the community to believe in Roommate’s success. However, it is a good signal that 56 people supported the project after 60 days. We do believe that we can achieve the target, improve the Fundstart platform for international and domestic transactions as well as our communication projects.

Therefore, the Roommate project would like to extend the crowdfunding campaign by 45 days, from 12 Jan 2017 until 25 Feb 2017.

For the ROOMMATE supporters, we look forward to your further help and trust in the project. If you have any question or want to change/refund the donation, please send the request to email or send a message to Viet (093 441 2646).

In 45 days, we will try our best to achieve the target, make ROOMMATE become the first film to be successfully crowdfunded in Vietnam.

For updates of the campaign, please check our facebook page, English blog, Youtube channel and campaign newsletters.

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Watch the film’s teaser here:

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