Traditional Music Night “Music of Communal Temples”

Traditional Music Night “Music of Communal Temples”

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Sat 18 Feb 2017, 8 pm

From L’Espace:

Communal temples are one of the cradles of Vietnamese culture. Spiritual and historical memories of village communities still reside there. The spirit of tradition has been perpetuated there for centuries. These temples have housed a great diversity of artistic and musical expressions resulting from Vietnamese regional cultures, from simple melodies of “Chèo” (comic song) to sacred shows such as “Hát cửa Đình” (singing shows at the entrance of the communal house).

Let’s discover the traditional music and songs of the village festivals that used to be held in the communal temples. During the music night, several forms of ancient songs (hát cửa đình, hát dặm, hát ví) and theatrical plays (Tuồng – Chèo) will be performed by the group “Ancient music of Tonkin”, including artists Thanh Hoài, Nam Thu, Minh Gái, Xuân Hoạch, Mạnh Phong, Thanh Bình, Vũ Ngọc, Văn Chính, Thúy Ngân…


Ticket price 170 000 VND
Ticket price for members 100 000 VND
Ticket price for students 80 000 VND
Tickets are available at L’Espace.

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For reference: A “hát cửa đình” performance (singing at the entrance of the communal house) by the Hai Phong ca-tru club:

Translated by Hanoi Grapevine

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