Visual Documentary Project 2017: Call for Short Documentaries

Visual Documentary Project 2017: Call for Short Documentaries

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Visual Documentary Project 2017: Call for Short Documentaries
Theme: Urban life in Southeast Asia
Deadline: 01 Sep 2017

From the organizer:

Southeast Asia is steadily being urbanized. It is predicted that nearly 50% of the population will be urban dwellers by 2025, and the landscape of the cities in Southeast Asia is rapidly transforming.

Under such circumstances, what kind of life does people have? From the inhabitants of the slum area, from the residents of the financial district, from the illegal settlement area to the gated community and from the regional revitalization project to the large-scale urban revitalization, what values ​​are shaping the living of cities in Southeast Asia? Also, what kind of characteristics do the concepts of cultural diversity, tradition, art bring to city life?

In 2017, this project invites inspirational documentary works dealing with urban life in Southeast Asia.

Requirements to submit documentaries are as follows:

Online application

1. Applicants must be Citizens of Southeast Asia or Japan.
2. Documentaries should be no longer than 30 minutes.
3. Applicants should make sure they have permission from any subjects that appear in the movies.
4. Documentaries should include English subtitles. Translation and subtitling is also the responsibility of applicants.

*Selected documentaries will be screened in their original languages with both Japanese and English subtitles. However, documentaries that are in English will only have Japanese subtitles added and vice versa.

Invitation to Japan

An international selection committee will select successful documentaries, and invite the director(s) of each movie to Kyoto and Tokyo, Japan for an international screening. The Organizer will cover travel and accommodation fees.


1. Please upload online a copy of the production onto YouTube or Vimeo with subtitles in English. Applicants should also submit a C.V by attachment. Apply via this link

Conditions for uploading films:

(a) Films must be submitted in a format supported by YouTube or Vimeo.
– Suggested format: frame size 1920×1080, file format MPEG, frame rate 23.98
(b) Films must be produced in accordance with their purposes and not defame the Center for Southeast Asian Studies (CSEAS).
(c) Films that are uploaded should not infringe upon the rights or interests of personal or organizational copyright holders.
– Any background music (BGM) included in films must be copyright free or have the prior permission of copyright holders to use in said films.
– For any images from cartoons, literature, television or films, applicants must make sure that copyright has been transferred from those that own them.

2. The organizers will announce the finalist results on the mid- October 2017.
3. Selected documentaries will be uploaded to a website for public viewing.

For more information please visit the website of the program.


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