Vietnamese Artist Le Thuy to Exhibit in Singapore

Vietnamese Artist Le Thuy to Exhibit in Singapore

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"Appreciating Beauty III", artwork by Le Thuy
“Appreciating Beauty III” by artist Le Thuy

Exhibition: 01 – 24 Sep 2017
ION Art Gallery
2 Orchard Turn, Singapore

A solo exhibition of silk paintings entitled “Uninhabited” by Vietnamese artist Le Thuy will take place in September at ION Art Gallery in Singapore.

Presenting 9 of her silk paintings, the exhibition is the result of Le Thuy’s winning of the Young Talent Programme for 2016/17, organized by ION Art Gallery and the Affordable Art Fair Singapore.

Le Thuy is amongst the three winners selected from eight skilled semi-finalists with unique works of different mediums for a solo exhibition this year at the gallery.

Two other wining artists of the programme are Leow Wei Li and Tay Ining, both from Singapore.

Regarding her inspirations for the exhibition, Le Thuy wrote:

“I always feel cynical about life. The lovely things I’m seeing seem like a charade. The beauty that I adore for so long turned out to be a veneer. I am curious about, and search for the essence of things, I peer under the veneer. Beauty fades in decay. I chase after what I see as just a veneer. Disappointed. I find myself on a path to nowhere. I aspire to create a perfect world. A world of no people, of no frustrations, no pretensions, no constraints. That perfect world is probably the world of death. But death amplifies beauty.”

About the artist:

Born and raised in Vietnam, Hanoi, Le Thuy has since established herself as an emerging artist to look out for since 2012. Le Thuy’s works are presented at art collections in various domestic and foreign countries such as the Dogma Collection in Saigon, Vietnam and Elegant Team Development Collection in HongKong.

Le Thuy’s love and admiration for traditional silk material has always been the main medium in her creative process. Captivated by place and space, Le Thuy seeks answers to questions like “where is a place of peace?” and “where do people live true to their nature?”.

Le Thuy’s previous exhibitions in Vietnam:
Exhibition “Where Is the Place of Peace”
Silk Painting Exhibition “The Order”


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