Sculpture Exhibition “Blossoms & Birds”

Sculpture Exhibition “Blossoms & Birds”

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Thai Nhat Minh – September

Exhibition: 5 – 8 pm, 15 Jun – 06 Jul 2018
3rd floor, Savina Building, 1 Đinh Lễ Str, Hanoi

From the organizer:

The sculpture exhibition “Blossoms & Birds” by two young sculptors Thai Nhat Minh and Tran An which is exhibited at eSpace is the place where work space and art space intertwine. The two themes “Blossoms” and “Birds” sculptured with the two opposing materials “Paper and Iron” are interestingly combined through the creative mixture of colors, materials and geometrical language.

Thai Nhat Minh used the “paper pulp” material mixed with glue and other natural materials and colors for his work. The hands-on technique helped him to convey his emotions during the manipulation of the artifacts. The way he used the material was like the way the bees and ants build their nests, which is pristine and close to nature.

Thai Nhat Minh – February
Thai Nhat Minh – January
Thai Nhat Minh – November
Tran An – Flower Season #12

Tran An used “Iron” combined with the industrial and modern techniques of casting and welding. He has the activeness in molding, bending, cutting, welding and grinding techniques as well as the ability to connect the materials regardless of their dependence on ratio, weight and volume. The understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of iron helped him create aesthetic works which have the toughness, coldness and stubbornness as well as the charming, sentimental and poetic qualities that are close a modern social life.

Thai Nhat Minh often borrows the image of animals, especially birds to tell his stories because he conceives birds as a symbol of dream, aspiration and peace. The birds, in many folk tales that he has read, also convey culture, beliefs and history. In this series of works, he used the “Bird” image to express his concerns in waiting, in remembrance, in reminiscing about the past or just a sense of space and time with the sun and four-season round.

Thai Nhat Minh – April
Tran An – Flower Season #14
Tran An – Flower Season #13

Tran An was inspired by nature. In his conception, the stems, leaves or flower buds all contain abundant sources of energy and are full of vitality. Through the “Blossoms” Collection, he wants to capture the most beautiful, hidden and wonderful moment of the nature and to convey the hope of growth and expansion for a brilliant future into his artworks.

“Birds” and “Blossoms” are not simply birds and flowers; they are concerns, dreams, hope and sentiments for the nature and the life that Thai Nhat Minh and Tran An desire to convey through this exhibition.

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Tran An – Flower Season 16
Tran An – Flower Season 15


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