First Solo Exhibition by Bui Quoc Khanh

First Solo Exhibition by Bui Quoc Khanh

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Opening: Tue 09 Oct 2018, 5.30 pm
Exhibition: 09 – 15 Oct 2018, 9 am – 5 pm
Centre of Art-Photography Exhibition
29 Hang Bai, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

From the organizers:

Bui Quoc Khanh was born in 1983 in Hanoi, he graduated from Vietnam University of Fine Arts with a bachelor’s degree in 2014 then a master’s in 2017, and is currently a lecturer at Hanoi College of Art. Quoc Khanh joined many group exhibition and art projects in and out of the country. Now, “Mot vong di” is his first solo exhibition.

In this exhibition, Quoc Khanh presents 15 oil paintings in multiple sizes. With the theme of public argument regarding social issues such as environment, education and others, in a decorative merged pop-art style, his paintings show a vibrant, multi-tone space with bright, lively, contrasting colors with interlaced, overlapping shapes with so many details. All resonate together to create a stuffed, cramped feeling about a world where materials take over, values decline, and blend with them are human faces, confused yet expressionless, aware yet immature, satisfied yet insecure… But above all, there is a feeling of imbalance, of lacking a fulcrum. Yet with a decorative merged pop-art style, the artist portrays it all with a light humor, that doesn’t give off a heavy feeling, but in contrast, it is very interesting for the audience.

Bua no

Through his works, Bui Quoc Khanh wants to convey the philosophy of a circle of life of each of us: when we were born, each put one foot into the circle of their life. By walking through many smaller circle, they will have to complete their grand circle, failures or successes, happiness or sorrow, they are all in the circle. For Quoc Khanh, this exhibition, or his art, is also a circle. That philosophy inspires the name for the exhibition.

The opening of “Mot vong di” will take place at 5.30 pm on 09 Oct 2018 at 29 Hang Bai, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi. The exhibition will take place from then until 15 Oct 2018.

See some of the artist’s other works below:

Nhom kin
Nhan sac
Khoi dong
Duy nhat
Don ca
Centre of Art-Photography Exhibition
29 Hang Bai Str., Hoan Kiem Dist., Hanoi
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