Open Day #4 – live.make.share

Open Day #4 – live.make.share

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Sun 09 Jun 2019, 1 – 5 pm
Address geo-location: 21°07’12.6″N 106°02’29.5″E
Thôn Kiều, Làng Ngang Na, Xã Hiên Vân, Huyện Tiên Du, Bắc Ninh

From the organizer:

For the second Open Day of 2019 we are magically graced with an auspicious moment as the super-powers of all resident artists combine for a one-day-special: participatory-painting-ceramic-installation-sounds-movement-fruit-stones-postcards-words-animated-cooking-landscapes-and-all-in-between.

We are super happy to host this country-wandering afternoon with 4 hours in the company of 8 artists and loads of delicious snacks! Looking forward to sitting with you.

Resident artists:
Ellie Shipman
Georg Whelan
Georgia Golebiowski
Jocelyn Chng
Marilyne Grimmer
Patrick Carpentier
Studio Babos (Kyoung Lee & Man Yin Cheng)

live.make.share is an artist-in-resident & exchange program developed from Hanoi, Vietnam under the umbrella of Undecided Productions & in collaboration with Hiên Vân Ceramics.

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