Project Launch: “Theatre: Interpret and Act”

Project Launch: “Theatre: Interpret and Act”

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Sat 05 Oct 2019, 2.30 pm – 5 pm
Vincom Center for Contemporary Art (VCCA)

From the organizers:

Project « Theater: Interpret and Act » is founded and operated by ATH Drama and Arts Space with the participation of stage artist Ha Nguyen Long, Hanoi Grapevine and Out and Out Art media with the desire to spread the values of theater arts through developing a community high-quality theater audience.

The project provides an opportunity for people to have continuous and systematic access to theater art in all aspects of theory and practice: reading scripts, learning about the history of stage set, acting, exploring simplified staging methods (script reading, role-playing, acting…), participating in specialized seminars on theater arts, observing the creative process of a complete contemporary theatrical work. From that point, the engaged audience can understand the insights and have critical reviews on theater. This is also a premise for methodical theatrical criticism.

The first phase of the project lasts for 10 months, consisting of three parts:
– Interpretation: sequentially according to the development history of Western theater
– Practice workshop (acting and staging) and seminars
– Production and performance of contemporary play « Nhung manh » (Fragments)

« Theater: Interpret and Act » officially launches on Sat 5 Oct 2019 at 2.30 pm at Vincom Center for Contemporary Art (VCCA). At the opening, there will be a script-reading performance of « Fragments » (excerpt of the work of Fernando Pessoa). « Fragments » was choreographed by director Quentin Delorme (ATH) and performed by three Vietnamese actresses: Hua Thanh Tu, Hoa My and Phung Giang Huong. With only three characters, the play is a search for the identity of two individuals and a pursuit of a god’s faith. The « Fragments » are set up in a cozy theater, the staging, as the name implies, is very close to the audience, puts the audience at the center of the play to co-create the work with the director and actors.

About ATH:

Established in 2013, ATH Drama and Arts Space is a space for everyone to practice theatrical art. Besides annual classes, ATH creates and produces theater plays in theaters and art spaces in Hanoi.

Translated by Hanoi Grapevine


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