Wonderland The Musical: Alice the Sequel

Wonderland The Musical: Alice the Sequel

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Sun 29 Sep 2019, 8 pm
Au Co Theatre
8 Huynh Thuc Khang Str., Dong Da, Ha Noi

From the organizer:

Following the success achieved, PDV Production 2019 officially comeback with musicals entitled “Wonderland the Musicals: Alice – The Sequel” with an English script exclusively ordered from abroad, under the guidance of experienced mentors, promises to bring the values ​​of civilized art and ignite memory of Wonderland associated with the audience’s childhood, especially those who love musicals and Disney music.

After years of absence in Wonderland, her old friends also recognize Alice of the old days? What are the dangers threatening the peace of Wonderland? How shy and shy Alice will confront and overcome that threat? All will be directly answered when you step into the gate to Wonderland with Alice!
Contributing in this musical are two talented voices Le Tran Phuong Linh (Main Vocal band Jazz Glory – 1st Runner-up of The Band 2017; she is honoured to be praised by the judge Duc Tri for her singing voice).

About Wonderland The Musical: Alice the Sequel

Set in Wonderland, a utopia that contains a lot of magic, where Alice once accidentally strayed to run after the White Rabbit. Here she had an exciting adventure and met many new friends. In Wonderland, Alice from a shy, inferior girl becomes a brave, responsible and brilliant warrior, she and her friends fight against the Red Queen – The Queen of Hearts, the Jabberwock monster and her army.

After years of absence in Wonderland, do her old friends recognize Alice of the old days? What are the dangers threatening the peace of Wonderland? How will Alice confront and overcome that threat? Who are the Disney princesses Alice will meet on this trip and how will they help Alice?

Watch the teaser:

About the script and the music

The English script was ordered exclusively from abroad by South African writer Andrew J. Carter. Music using 19 Disney songs has been licensed by the Vietnam Music Copyright Protection Center (VCPMC).
The writer, Andrew J Carter, is a classically-trained and accomplished music composer and producer, a story writer and poet, and an independent screenwriter and film maker. He has written the story, screenplay and all the music for two full length feature films, and the story, script, music and complete libretto’s for two cinematic musicals. Besides many other musical accomplishments, he also wrote the music for a musical escape-room playing at a number of venues in the USA, and was once an editor for the stories published by DongXiang/FicFun.

About PDV Production

PDV Production – a project of young art enthusiasts, especially Disney lovers. With the main purpose of employing Disney’s musical works, re-enacting through musical nights, we want to convey to the audience the positive emotional experiences and values, while bringing the musical – an unfamiliar art form that draws closer to the public.

In 2018, PDV held the first musicals night called “Fairytales” at L’espace Trang Tien and sold out 250 tickets, as well as the honor of attracting media reports, including the applications. reputable positions such as VTV, VTC (Reportage links are on next page).


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