Live-stream workshop: Travel in the Art World.

Live-stream workshop: Travel in the Art World.

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Sat 25 Apr 2020, 10 am – 11 am
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From the organizer

We are welcome all the children to join the first online workshop organized by VCCA and Hoa Tam Art Center to “travel in the art world”, discover famous artists and unique creative styles.

Coming to the workshop series, the children will be introduced to the characteristics style and typical works of some big names from different periods and schools of art through stories and vivid examples and also creative practice exercises.

In the first session, taking place at 10:00, Saturday 25 April, we will learn about Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, who is known as the “queen of polka dots” famous for her works of impressive and creative dots.

The workshop is directed by artist Din Sama (Nguyen Thi Tue Thu). She holds a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from Japan Wakou University and a master’s degree in graphics printing from Tokyo University of Arts. She is an independent artist and a painting teacher for many years at Hoa Tam Art Center with extensive experience working with children.

*Free program for children aged 6 -11 years old.

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