The Creative Ego

The Creative Ego

Apr 2020 – June 2020
ATH – Drama and Arts Space

From the organizer:

When everything is slowing down, why don’t we use it as a change to spend time for ourselves for breathing, exploring, experiencing or digging deeply in artistic practices. ATH are organizing some online workshops from 1 to 3 lesson for everyone in French, English, and Vietnamese. ATH welcomes you all, wherever you are!

About the program
– All the workshops will be online streaming, take place in the form of a video conference with ATH’s teacher.
– For multilingual workshops, participants need to ensure proficiency in at least one of the languages used in the workshop.
– Each class will only be open when at least 4 students register.
– ATH will send you the link to join the group that you register for your child or yourself, as soon as we close the registration gate.
– Link to download free video conferencing software that we will use: ZOOM

About workshops

1, Sing with your heart and body
Music workshop for all participants aged 16 and over

07:30 pm – 09:30 pm Mon 18 May 2020
Fee: 400.000 VNĐ /16€ /17$

Sometimes we have comments like these after listening to some singers sing: “He/ she has wonderful technical but why can’t I enjoy the singing …” or “The way he/ she singing doesn’t carry any emotion.”… Many people think that the performance of a song that is good and emotionally rich is due to the singer’s sensitivity and their soul or simply because they are talented.
Technology can be achieved through practice, but can talent and soul be learned? How to sing in an inspired way? Which path for singers to sing right but not good? This workshop is a place that connects you to how expressing in a more specific way, so that you can approach and process a song not only with your brain but with your body and heart, to open a door into your soul and listen to what you want to convey through the song.

2. 5rythms movement and improvised stage
Improvised play workshop improvised play for all participants aged 16 and over

07:30 pm – 09:30 pm, Tues 19 May 2020
Fee: 400.000 VNĐ /16€ /17$

Created by Gabrielle Roth, 5rythms is a movement that focuses on energy. The workshop will introduce the fundamentals of this dance, and how to apply this theory to improvisation play, especially the rhythm of a play.

3. Character creation
Improvised play workshop improvised play for all participants aged 16 and over

07 pm – 10 pm, Fri 22 May 2020
Fee: 400.000 VNĐ /16€ /17$

There are many ways to create and express characters. The workshop will introduce some basic ways to help you build character, from physical shape to psychology. You will learn how to build a character sequentially or build a character in an unexpected situation. A workshop that combines both practice and theory promises to give you the opportunity to find the method that is right for you and turn it into your own.

4. Critical theater
Writing workshop for adults – 3 lessons series

03 pm – 05 pm, Sat 23 May, 30 May và 06 June 2020
Fee: 1.200.000 VNĐ /48€ /51$

How to write a theatrical review without making a subjective opinion and judgment? This workshop introduces participants to the essentials, as well as the “tips and tricks” in critical theater. You will also practice writing critical theater based on video material.

5. Creative writing
Creative writing tutorial workshop for children from the aged 8 to 12

03 pm – 04:30 pm, Sun 14/06/2020
Fee: 350.000 NĐ /14€ /15$

Everyone cans pick the pen and write! The workshop will help your children to explore a simple way to build their own story by themselves or with friends. In fact, writing doesn’t complicate but way much fun than you think!

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