Vun art silk collage workshop and Van Phuc village tour

Vun art silk collage workshop and Van Phuc village tour

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01:30 pm – 05:30 pm, Sun 26 July 2020
Vạn Phúc Village
Hà Đông

From the organizer:

Introduction to Vạn Phúc Silk Village

The village, also known as Hà Đông Silk Village, is located in Vạn Phúc Ward, Hà Đông District, 10 km from Hanoi’s centre on the Nhuệ River. Some ancient books, documents and relics show that the weaving of Vạn Phúc village originated in the 9th century. Vạn Phúc is one of the most beautiful and famous silk-weaving villages in Vietnam. Despite the urbanization, it still retains typical features of Vietnam’s countryside: ancient trees, wells and afternoon markets in the Pavilion.

In 1931, Vạn Phúc silk was first introduced to the international market at the Marseille Fair and regarded by the French as the most sophisticated product of Indochina. In 1958, the silk was exported to Eastern Europe. It has been sold to many countries all over the world.

Excursion and workshop

In our half-day excursion, we will discover the village history, places of worship and the special looms that give Vạn Phúc silk its identity. And we also spend time with Vụn Art – a wonderful social enterprise founded by inspirational Lê Việt Cường. He established it to teach art and create meaningful much needed employment for the disadvantaged and disabled (who live in/nearby the village). They use discarded scraps of silk from the village’s silk businesses to create silk collage pictures. We will sit and chat to Cường and his team and learn more about their lives.

We have attached some samples of the products that you an make in the registration form (1 product per person is included in the price of our event) . Choose to decorate a purse size 20 x 13 cm or make an A5 size collage. The images are of traditional and cultural images of Vietnam eg Dong Ho paintings etc. and have been pre-cut –you can design your own picture or follow the template . Please state which product you would like to make in the registration form so that we can inform Vụn Art in advance.


300,000 VND pp (adults, children and students pay the same price as all proceeds go to Vụn Art). And to make best use of funds to keep the event within our standard FVH donation limits and given that Vạn Phúc is easy to reach independently – the plan is for us to make our own way there and back by taxi, xe om or public transport.

For those going by bus you are welcome to meet Stella at Long Bien bus station 12:30 am and travel by number 1 bus. More info on routes and travel options will be given for those who RSVP.

Maximum number 22 people

This the 2nd time we have run this event with Cường . Because its the summer with unpredictable weather and typically very hot we have adapted it into a half day to limit the amount of time we are outside.


The half day tour and workshop is from 02 pm to 05:30 pm and allow of course sufficient time to get there and back. Whatever your chosen transport please all meet at the main Vạn Phúc village gate at 1.45pm for registration, payment

Registration via this link

(Vietnamese with English interpretation)


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