Exhibition “Yên”

Exhibition “Yên”

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22 Nov – 22 Dec 2020
Hanoi Le Jardin Hotel
46A Nguyễn Trường Tộ, Trúc Bạch, Ba Đình, Hà Nội

From the organizer:

Hanoi Le Jardin Hotel cordially invite you to the debut solo exhibition by Văn Trọng. Văn Trọng (born 1979) grew up and live in Hải Dương, Văn Trọng’s works have left remarkable impressions for Hanoi art lovers through out his recent appearance in group shows. 18 large canvas oil paintings are meant to express emotions and feelings of the artist to his beloved land, his hometown and places he has been through in Vietnam. The genre of landscape paintings in the context of Western art history would be indispensable without the profound influence of the Impressionist painters in Paris in the years 1870 – 1880. The plein air painting style and the observation of natural light helps the artists’ palettes and brushes both vibrant and liberal. Inheriting the world famous masters but still constantly searching for his own artistic voice, Văn Trọng’s works seem not only to describe the landscape, space, a land but also to express time both emotionally and spiritually. As the Vietnamese saying, the landscape gives birth to emotions, perhaps the scenes in his works are just an excuse to share hidden feelings full of poetry and music. And above all the music in Văn Trọng’s painting brings quiet and subtle moments away from hustle everyday life out there.

This exhibition also marks Hanoi Le Jardin Hotel as a new art space with the desire to seek and support young artistic talents to enrich and embrace the artistic scene in Hanoi in particular. and Vietnam in general. Hanoi Le Jardien Hotel hopes to become a trustworthy cultural destination and is loved and welcomed by a large audience and art community.

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