Vietnam Design Week 2021

Vietnam Design Week 2021

Duration for submission: 17 July – 31 Aug 2021

From Vietnam Design Week 2021:

Following the success of Design by Vietnam contest held for the first time in 2020, this year the contest with theme “Awakening Traditions” will be focused in 05 areas: Communication Design, Living design, Decor & Object design, Clothing design and Public design. “Designed by Vietnam” contest is organized by Vietnam National Institute of Culture and Arts (Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) in collaboration with, ConsMedia Corporation and many professional partners.

We gradually feel that “Designed by Vietnam” can come from the scent of the earth, from the breath of the air, from folk songs and proverbs, from ancient stories and similes, from a traditional hat or the door and the table, from the unique and diverse aspects of life from the highlands to the countryside to the cities, forming the two words “Vietnam”. Designers, whether Vietnamese or foreigners who are living on the “S-shaped strip of land”, while being inspired, searching, exploiting and applying the elements and characteristics of culture – history – ancient crafts or local materials, stories of the past and present, modern urban rhythms or emotions from nature, and then breathe them into new creative products, these are all “Designed by Vietnam”.

When we hear the word tradition, we often think of things belonging to the past – from a static time and place – and yet we do so at the peril of ignoring their inherent continuity, adaptability, and variability. They are transformed by factors that include humanity, society and nature. Our evolving concepts of cultural identity, cultural diversity, economic and environmental justice all affect how we define the role of traditions in contemporary society. Preserving tradition in the field of fashion design, therefore, cannot be seen as simply a cut and paste process. They cannot be effectively preserved by simply manipulating and integrating national symbols, religious traditions and local culture in a facile or propagandistic way. It must be taken seriously, renewed with a spirit of respect for history and our ancestors yet brave enough to push them forward to ensure their continued relevance.

In this contest we want to see you create a range of clothing or accessory designs that are contemporary and practical. That both connect with traditional elements yet aren’t afraid to demonstrate a unique point of view.

Contest Rules

This year’s Designed by Vietnam contest with the theme “Awakening Traditions” within the framework of Vietnam Design Week – VNDW 2021 was launched from July 17, 2021 in Hanoi and lasts until 31/08/2021 on the nationwide scale. Under the guidance of influential designers in 05 fields of Communication design, Living design, Decor & Object design, Clothing design, and Public design, participants will have many opportunities to connect and learn to create new applicable products with high design value.

Organizers and Judges:

– Authorized by:
+ Vietnam Institute of Culture and Arts Studies (VICAS) – Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism)
+ ConsMedia Corporation.

– Organizers:
+ Vietnam Design Week (VNDW)

– Co-leaders of Organizing Committee:
+ Mr. Le Viet Ha, Chairman of
+ Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thu Ha, Director of VICAS Art Studio

– Our mentors of each areas:
+ Ms. Tu Phuong Thao, Art Director of Elle Decor magazine / Creative Director of Sadec District
+ Ms. Nguyen Phan Thuy Duong, Managing Director of Elle Decor magazine
+ Ms. Vu Thao, Founder and Design Director of Kilomet109
+ Mr. Le Ba Ngoc, Vice President and General Secretary of Vietnam Handicraft Association (Vietcraft)
+ Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan, Art Director of Heritage Space

Contestants: all designers living and working in Vietnam and abroad.

Prompt: The designs submitted for the competition show the theme “Awakening Tradition” in 5 fields:

Communication design

Life is always like a newly paint picture. Design work brings us to distant landscape, where we can see life with different angle, newer and we can contemplate the present, gain insight into the past and feel the flow of the future. The picture of life for each person is a strange mixture of hidden traditions flowing somewhere in memory and existential vibes. Rediscovering the traditional string, plucking the best notes so that it resonates in the present and in the future, isn’t that the most beautiful, necessary and proud part of a designer’s job?

We are looking forward to Today’s lively and fresh designs based on selective exploration, meaningful streamlining, a very ‘skilled’ succinctness about the journey to rediscover tradition whether by one way or another, individually or as a team, to create their own ‘traditional code’ with sets of colors, materials, shapes, movements, sounds, leading ideas, etc. for communication designs “Created & Crafted in Vietnam”.

Living design

Perhaps never ever, on a worldwide scale, the concept of living space has been redefined and contemplated so much, since the time when Covid-19 hits humanity. The challenge of having to give up freedom of movement, even if only for a certain period of time, makes people more interested in optimizing the area they live in every day and coordinating it with integrated functions/tasks and resonate. That lifestyle seems new, but if you look at the tradition of organizing life and work of our ancestors just over 100 years ago, there are many similarities. The house is not only a shelter, but also a place of production, meeting, a food store and a place to worship gods and ancestors.

Understanding the tradition thoroughly, in a harmonious relationship with the flow of the times is the secret for you to “awaken” the right things to be awaken in the treasure trove of creative and traditional materials, massive craft techniques of the nation. The mastery the technical elements, and the steadity with an idea throughout, the strongest aspect of design will bring its own sparkling value to that product.

I have deep faith in the gems that will be awakened and shined in this year’s competition.

Decor & Object design

Since ancient times, our forefathers used friendly materials around them such as molasses, pulp, lime juice, etc. to create decorative items for palaces, architectural works, residential space that is still valuable today. During the long journey of the nation’s development, there have been many traditional techniques and tools that are closely associated with each generation of Vietnamese people, with each community in the great family of Vietnamese ethnic groups and along with them are the messages, the philosophies about life. We want designers to awaken traditional values, inspired by tradition to create decorative items for our living spaces today, so that in every place we go, every place we return, we can keep beautiful memories, peaceful moments that we are always proud of.

Clothing design

Traditions are a unique set of folk customs passed down from one generation to the next through teaching, observation, and practice. While they are inextricably linked to the past they are not fixed. As traditions move through time they are closely examined, questioned, and ultimately reinvigorated with new ideas that ensure their continued relevance. Much like a child observing her grandmother embroider, mimicking her hand motions until they become second nature — as this child gains mastery of the movements she begins to apply her own perspective to the craft that reflect her personal sensibility. In this way practitioners – the descendants carry the past forward but yet are not burdened by its inflexibility. Each generation will have a different way of receiving, nurturing, and even adding new layers to tradition.

In this competition we want to see you create a range of clothing or accessory designs that are contemporary and practical. That both connect with traditional elements yet aren’t afraid to demonstrate a unique point of view.

Public design

Modern public space has undergone many changes in both form and function, especially in large and small cities. It is much more open than in the past: squares and theatres, parks and gardens, commercial or cultural centers, ports and airports, streets and sidewalks, waterface and the air space. They shape new habits in people’s five senses, create significant experiences and changes in aesthetic perception, and create new cultural elements that are very different from the tradition. Making traditional public spaces in Vietnam are often architectural-landscape spaces that are organically linked to the functions and human behavior of each place, from religion, belief, custom, specialty, working and living, the voice of a community from lowland to highland. How to create impact design and change behavior to people’s thoughts? How to create interactions and connections with traditional values in thinking, selective consciousness, not crude and forced imitation? How to reiterate tradition as a movement toward the future, not just looking to the past?

Let’s think about the public spaces associated with where you live and create a “new tradition” for them with design.

Requirements for the design contest:

– The work shows the characteristics and traditional values of Vietnam;
– Use of traditional, indigenous materials – Encourage designs that apply or evolve from traditional crafts (including techniques, materials and aesthetics)
– Each author can participate up to 5 samples: sketches or photographs of the work.
– Entries must be original and made by the author himself;
– Works that have never participated in creativity and design competitions.

Content of the application forms:

– The design is digitized on the computer.
– Detailed description of materials used for the design;
– Explanation of ideas (maximum 600 words).
– Information of the author:
+ Name:
+ Date of birth:
+ Organization (if any):
+ Address:
+ Mobile :
+ Email:

Deadline and place to receive applications:

– Deadline: from 17/07 to 31/08/2021 EOD.
– Email application to: [email protected]
– Formal information of the contest is posted on the website

Contest process:

– Application round (July 17th to August 31, 2021): receiving entries
(*) During this time, interested candidates can attend workshops and visit traditional craft villages to get inspiration for materials on the theme of “Awakening Traditions”.

– Preliminary round (September and October, 2021): The judge will select 20 designs for the final round and collaborate with the contestants to put the designs into prototyping.
(*) The selected design ideas will continue to complete the profile, estimate the cost, and presentation ideas before the donors (if any).

– Final round (November 15th to 21th, 2021): Exhibit and review final products during the event of Vietnam Design Week 2021.

– Online voting (October 15th to November 15th, 2021): 20 designs selected for the final round will be published in the online poll on website


– 01 1st prize: 50,000,000 VND
– 01 2nd prize: 30,000,000 VND
– 01 3rd prize: 20,000,000 VND
– 05 consolation prizes (for each field): 10,000,000 VND
– 01 community voting prize: 10,000,000 VND

Notification: The winning designs will be able to be co-produced into products used in daily life with copyright belonging to the author, and the franchising right within 2 years belongs to the Organizing Committee of “Designed by Vietnam” Contest.

Awards gala – exhibition:

The Mentor/Jury Board will choose 20 designs for further completion for the final round taking place within the framework of Vietnam Design Week 2021 to be held in Hanoi, Hue, and Ho Chi Minh City from November 15 to November 21, 2021 where it will bring together talented designers, manufacturers, handicraft villages, and creative entrepreneurs in related fields.

Vietnam Design Week

[email protected]
098 888 78 90

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