Workshop Series: Creativity, Open & Up!

Workshop Series: Creativity, Open & Up!

09 – 13 Nov 2021, 07:30 pm – 09 pm
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From Vietnam Festival of Creativity & Design:

The workshop series CREATIVITY, OPEN UP! is dedicated to laying the groundwork in terms of creative education and training. The sessions explore global trends pertaining to required skillsets in creative industries, so as to help develop aptitudes for imagination, innovation, empathy and resilience – which are deemed necessary in the face of current work challenges.

Session 1

Tues 09 Nov 2021, 07:30 pm – 09 pm
Platform: Online
Language: Vietnamese

Architecture has developed beyond its primitive vernacular forms to compose human living space and the built environment of all areas of society. Considered progressively as the best learning context for applying phenomenon-based learning, architecture could enhance any learnable competencies, including creativity.

In the workshop, Lâm Nguyễn, Head Trainer of Arkki Finland in Vietnam will go through diverse activities of creative education through architecture from Arkki Finland for children and youth, which is expected to open up new, diverse approaches that help young audience members rethink their goals, plans, and their own potential creativity at any point in their career paths.


Lâm Nguyễn is a head trainer of Arkki from Finland in Vietnam who has coordinated with Arkki Finland to operate most events and projects for children and youth in ASEAN since 2018. He is also a Design Thinking lecturer at Vanlang University and works as an architectural designer in Studio Voi, architecture practice and research team, where the human-centric design process has chances to bounce back and forth from theory to practice. Not only working at Arkki, Lâm Nguyễn has been supporting and consulting for many organizations and programs in innovative communities like FutureU, Innolab Asia, Dariu Foundation.

About Arkki Finland

Arkki is a School of Creative Education for children and youth where pupils learn general innovation skills through architecture. Founded in Finland in 1993, and after 25 years, Arkki has organized thousands of courses and workshops for more than 20,000 children in more than 20 countries. Arkki’s education program has been certified by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture as a national extracurricular creative education program, and by the National Agency for Education to export the Finnish education know-how out to the World. Since 2018, Arkki has been present in Southeast Asia, aiming to build a systematic and progressive creative education platform for children and youth from 4 – 19 years old, and to connect children between ASEAN countries, and with Finland through international camps, projects and exchange programs.

Session 2

Wed 10 Nov 2021, 07:30 pm – 09 pm
Platform: Online
Language: Vietnamese

“When you look at a strong brand, you see a promise.”

— Jim Mullen

When you start a creative company from the ground up, the most important part of the job is to build a company’s identity. This goes beyond the actual products and services the business provides. When a company has a strong brand identity, its customers know what to expect in terms of quality, aesthetic, function, and social significance.

The components of a company’s brand include the brand name itself, the product lineup, the product design (including typography, shapes, and brand color palette), packaging design, advertising, and the slogan or tagline used in content marketing. All these elements convey a brand message and brand voice to target customers—from their very first impression all the way through lifelong engagement.

The workshop is facilitated by Betty Tran, CEO and Co-Founder of Betty Tran Consultants, who will share with you how to build a successful brand with inspirational stories from the creative industries.


Ms Betty Tran is the CEO and Co-Founder of Betty Tran Consultants. Commencing in 2012, the House of Betty Tran (“Betty Tran”) is a celebrated Australian couture and prêt-a-porter luxury brand led by designer Betty Tran. The brand has showcased in New York Fashion Week, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia, and received invitations to open Los Angeles Fashion Week in 2015 and VietnamInternational Fashion week in 2017. A passion for nurturing creative talents and empowering creative entrepreneurs have led Betty Tran to launch “Betty Tran Consultants” which is a full-service strategy and creative agency, specializing in Fashion, Beauty, Technology & Lifestyle.

About Betty Tran Consultants

Betty Tran Consultants help leaders transform their companies into sustainable and successful companies that make a difference. We are the intersection between brands and consumer. We partner with leaders and organisations to create products and programs that shape the intersections between brand and consumer to company and investor. Our global perspectives of consumers and markets afford us unique insight to help companies and create meaningful brands.

Session 3

Thurs 11 Nov 2021, 07:30 pm – 09 pm
Platform: Online
Language: Vietnamese

The discussion is on issues related to image appropriation which participants understood the appropriation art approach as a practical and creative tool in the context of visual culture at the present.


MA. Nguyen Vu Cam Ly – Academic Director. Graduated from University of Architecture majoring in Fashion Design (2007), Master’s Degree in Art History (2018), is currently a lecturer teaching creative methods and History of Fashion in Ho Chi Minh City. She has a special interest in art education methods for children, teenagers and students, teaching methods towards accessing knowledge through practice and production.

About Vietnam Contemporary Visual Arts Academy

Vietnam Contemporary Visual Arts Academy (VCVAA) is a pioneering visual arts school for students ages 2-18 offering international standard programs, including Drawing & Painting, Fashion Design & Textile, Sculpture, Photography, and Digital Arts. VCVAA programs address both the short and long-term learning and development needs of students at all levels, from beginner to advanced/ professional. VCVAA, with its world-class facilities, is also an Arts Exhibition Center where students, families, professionals and the general public can holistically experience and engage in the arts to develop a thriving community that deeply connects with both local and international markets.

Session 4

Fri 12 Nov 2021, 07:30 pm – 09 pm
Platform: Online
Language: Vietnamese

The film and TV industry suffered a slump in production last year due to the pandemic. Productions are halted, revenue declines, and all filming locations have been officially “shut down”, and all talents whether in front of or behind the camera have been quarantined.

The workshop “Film & Education: The Past, The Now, The Future” presents an opportunity for filmmakers to share their thoughts on the current context, plans for the soon-incoming ‘new normal’, and more importantly how we can create the next generation of great filmmakers.


Trần Thanh Huy is a director with fast-paced, realistic filmmaking style; his films always conveying unique stories from modern Vietnamese life. In 2019, his feature debut ‘Ròm’ which he wrote and directed won ‘Best New Currents’ Award, which is the biggest award at 24th Busan International Film Festival. The film was released in Vietnam in 2020 and has made 63 billion VND in box office earnings. Besides ‘Best New Currents’ at Busan FF, the film has many other important awards, including ‘Best Feature Debut’ at Fantasia Film Festival (Canada) 2020. In October 2020, his second feature project called ‘Tick It’ won ‘CJ Entertainment Award’ at Asian Project Market in Busan Film Festival 2020.

About Genesi Creative

After the success of the first film project in which 10 years of youth have been spent, together with his friends, director Trần Thanh Huy has founded Genesi Creative company. To date, Huy and his friends are exemplars of individuals who strive for making dreams come true among the youth in Vietnam.

Based on that, Genesis Creative Co. has invested in young filmmakers by supporting them financially, turning their ideas into film projects, as well as taking aspiring filmmakers to international film festivals. Genesis Creative hopes that the next generation of filmmakers will come into being, get Vietnam cinema well-known around the world, raise the voice of individuals, and also bring justice to the filmmakers.

Session 5

Sat 13 Nov 2021, 07:30 pm – 09 pm
Platform: Online
Language: Vietnamese

A lot of people still think that sports can stand on its own and better on its own, and at the same time arts is only arts. However, there are several parallels between athletics and the arts. One of these parallels is that they both have comparable therapeutic effects on the mind and body. Sports have given the art world amazing subject matter and art has allowed those moments and athletes to live creative because of their work. As an artist, becoming deliberate about sports will also enhance your creativity and technicality.


Brian Wright – LaLiga Country Manager of Vietnam: For nearly 4 years, Brian has carried out the role of Country Manager of Vietnam, a position he earned as one of the top candidates in LaLiga’s worldwide candidate search of 2016, which saw 13,000 experienced professionals applying to just 30 prestigious positions, newly created by LaLiga around the world. Brian’s well-rounded professional aptitudes and leadership experience secured his position at one of LaLiga’s most strategically significant countries, and his innovative approach to consumer behavior have opened up a once daunting market. His upbringing within the disruptive and fast-paced business landscape of New York City, coupled with his Spanish heritage and love of football make Brian a unique Manager.

Lê Đình Hiếu has a Master’s in Education Entrepreneurship from the University of Pennsylvania and a Bachelor’s of Business Economics at UCLA. He also completed the Executive Education in Social Entrepreneurship and the Professional Development programmes at Stanford University and Cornell University, respectively. He is currently studying School Management & Leadership at Harvard University. In 2016, Lê Đình Hiếu was selected for Forbes Vietnam’s 30 Under 30 list and is currently the CEO of G.A.P Academy. Lê Đình Hiếu was the Director of Marketing, PR and Admissions at VinUniversity and also a lecturer at multiple higher education institutions including VinUniversity, Fulbright, VN-UK, University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH), and more. He was a member of the Academic Council at MAX Education.

About COLAB Vietnam

COLAB Vietnam is established for sustainable development of creativity, creative education, as well as connecting the creative community. COLAB Vietnam acts as a liaison between organizations, educational platforms and corporations in the market to seek and promote collaboration opportunities, thereby building a sustainable ecosystem for the creative industry in Vietnam.

The event is a part of Vietnam Festival of Creativity & Design 2021, organised by RMIT University Vietnam in collaboration with United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Vietnam National Institute of Culture and Arts Studies (VICAS) and COLAB Vietnam and other partners in the creative industries, with Hanoi Grapevine as media partner.

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