UK/Viet Nam Season 2023 Collaboration Grants Round 2

UK/Viet Nam Season 2023 Collaboration Grants Round 2


British artist Rukhsana Merrise in Viet Nam. © Monsoon Music Festival

Deadline for application: 05 Feb 2023 (23:59 UK time)
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From British Council:

Applications are now open for the UK/Viet Nam Season 2023 Collaboration Grants worth up to £50,000 per partnership. We are looking for innovative partnerships and co-created projects that reflect on our past, our present, and our future relationship.

The grants are open to collaborations with a focus on the arts and creative industries. We welcome innovative project ideas combining arts, science, and digital technologies. Project proposals should be collaboratively developed and delivered by at least one UK-based organisation and at least one organisation based in Viet Nam.


Climate and the Environment: Tackling the threats of climate change is a shared priority for the citizens and governments of the UK and Viet Nam. We invite responses from across the arts and creative industries to find innovative and creative solutions that deepens knowledge and raises awareness about protecting and sustaining our planet towards shaping a better, more liveable environment for communities.

Shared Heritage: The UK and Viet Nam has a rich and deep historic relationship built on trade and diplomatic engagement. We invite responses from across the arts and creative industries that share, reflect, and explore the UK and Viet Nam’s ties through cultural heritage in all forms (tangible and intangible) seeking to create contemporary dialogues, stimulate new narratives, and spark the creation of new initiatives and works inspired by the past.

Available funding

– Up to £10,000 grant
– Up to £30,000 grant
– Up to £50,000 grant

Who can apply

Project proposals should be collaboratively developed and delivered by at least one UK-based organisation and at least one organisation based in Viet Nam.

All the grants are open to arts and cultural organisations, as well as higher education and research organisations with arts and cultural focus.

An ‘organisation’ is defined as a legally registered entity with a registered bank account, and can include collectives, consortia, and community, charity, private and public organisations.

Proposals by unregistered entities such as artist collectives or non-formal professional networks might be considered if accompanied with evidence of a strong track record in developing and delivering projects and programmes of similar scale and nature.

Project types

Proposals must demonstrate excellence in at least one of the thematic areas: Climate and the Environment, or Shared Heritage. We welcome proposals from any artform or with cross artform elements, as well as proposals with themes relevant to the creative economy, or linked with festival and art in the public realms. We are interested to receive joint projects which are interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary or cross-disciplinary (i.e. combining art, science, technology, education).

We are looking for:

– Thought-provoking public engagement events that will appeal to general audiences, such as conferences, symposia, panel discussions, and talks.
– Small, medium, and large-scale artistic performances, exhibitions, interactive installations, and other cultural events.
– New and creative ways of designing and offering professional development and network building opportunities for artists, creatives, academics and researchers, such as residencies, workshops, open studios, open labs, and other co-creation opportunities.
– Interactive activities which will attract and inspire younger audiences through innovative use of digital technologies and ICT, such as – Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR).
– Our cross-cutting themes of gender, equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI), equitable access (via digital and/or education technologies) and innovation, should be addressed and embedded in all proposals.

Proposals can be for face-to-face or digital and/or an innovative combination of the two.

All or part of the event/activity must be presented in Viet Nam between Jun 2023 to December 2023 as part of the Season celebration.

Eligible costs

The grant can cover project costs including:

– Staff costs, including existing or new staff assigned on the project
– Professional fees
– Training costs
– Research costs
– Translations and interpretation fees
– Materials, new equipment, or rental of equipment specifically required for the purpose of the project
– Additional overheads such as online subscriptions for apps or tools, utilities, etc. needed to accommodate project activities
– Communication and promotion costs
– Venue, catering and security costs
– Travel (including visa and insurance), accommodation, and subsistence costs
– Evaluation, data collection and report writing costs.

Please note:

– The grant cannot be used for general company/organisational running costs or retrospective project funding.
– The grant recipient is responsible for paying any taxes and bank fees in relation to their grant. These costs should be included in the project budget at the time of applying.
– Applicants will need to make their own travel, visa, and insurance arrangements.
– Artists, creatives and professionals should be paid fairly, and this should be reflected in the project budget plan.
– We welcome in-kind contributions i.e., venues provided in-kind.
– Where budgets are more than the available British Council grant, proposals can explore other external funding sources, provided that the total amount of other funding sources are equal or less than the British Council grant. Applicants should indicate on the application whether other funding is confirmed or pending.
– Applicants will be asked to indicate whether the UK partner or the Vietnamese partner is the lead applicant. If selected for grant award, the contract will be signed with the lead partner.

Selection criteria

Your project proposal will be assessed across the three following areas, which are also clearly marked in the application form to help you prepare your proposal.

Aim, thematic, and viability: 40%
Does the project proposal support the aim of the Season in elevating UK – Viet Nam bilateral relationship? Is it of a high quality and achievable?

– Evidence that the project is supporting the aim of the Season
– Evidence of focus on the thematic areas
– Evidence of viability of project: achievable objective(s), clear activity outline and expected result(s), feasible timescale and budget plan, demonstrable ability of partners to deliver, and proven track records

Partnership, contribution, and legacy: 30%
Does the project support UK and Vietnamese organisations to strengthen and further develop their partnership? Does it deliver benefit to individuals both from the UK and in Viet Nam?

– Evidence of sound, effective and mutual partnership
– Evidence of developed discussions between UK and Vietnamese partners
– Evidence of benefit to individual artists, arts and heritage practitioners and organisatons, academics, researchers from the UK and in Viet Nam
– Evidence of how the partnership will be sustained and developed beyond the proposed project

Innovation, equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI), sustainability, safeguarding, and monitoring and evaluation: 30%
Does your project approach encourage new and creative ways of doing things?

– Evidence of innovation
– Evidence of consideration to gender equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) issues as well as measures to address these issues in proposed activities
– Evidence of how projects are reducing their carbon footprint as well as measures to address sustainability issues in proposed activities
– Evidence of consideration to safeguarding issues as well as measures to address these issues in proposed activities
– Evidence of a monitoring and evaluation plan


– Open Call launched: 14 December 2022
– Information Session: 19 January 2023
– Open Call closed: 5 February 2023 (23:59 UK time)
– Successful projects notified: 24 February 2023
– Contract signed: April 2023
– Public-facing activities for projects: June 2023 – December 2023

How to apply

Interested organisations in the UK and Viet Nam are invited to an Information Session on 19 January 2023. Please register here to join this session.

Resources and Frequently Asked Questions

Find more information and resources about working in Viet Nam on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.

Please send your enquiries to [email protected]. To ensure equal opportunity, we will not respond to enquiries by direct reply. We will publish all answers to enquiries on our FAQs.


UK/Viet Nam Season 2023 Collaboration Grants Round 2 Application Guidance (Microsoft Word 87KB)
UK/Viet Nam Season 2023 Collaboration Grants Round 2 Budget Plan Template (Microsoft Excel 23KB)

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