Workshop: Art for Relief

Workshop: Art for Relief

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Sat 10 Dec 2022, 02:30 pm – 05 pm
Books Collective
Shophouse 02 – Phố đi bộ Pont De Long Bien
Splendora, KĐT Mailand Hanoi City, Hoài Đức, Hà Nội
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From the organizer:

Workshop Art for Relief, a public program under the framework of Hanoi Rethink project.

Led by illustrator Tra Nhu and fashion designer Lam Cao, attendees will hear stories about how art is used as a means of expression and healing. The interactive activities at the end of the program will also create opportunities for attendees to experience art as a form of self-reflection and self-soothing, in order to liberate and complete each of us.

Art for Relief hopes to become an intimate and healing art space, a Saturday afternoon of exploration and relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of urban life.


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