Workshop Series Sóng Sóng: Sound Exploration for Creative Practice

Workshop Series Sóng Sóng: Sound Exploration for Creative Practice

02 pm – 04 pm, every Sunday 05 May – 23 June 2024
APD Center
Creative Square, No 1, Luong Yen Street, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi
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From the organizer:

“A system can be disturbed externally, or by energy fluctuations from within. The result is a vibration which we have come to know as a ‘wave’. This symbol frames nature as a measurable object for convenient human consideration. In reality, waves rarely have a clear-cut beginning or an end. They are the continuation of infinite oscillations, overlapping one another, interfering, and responding. Waves are not just a part of nature. They are nature.”

Contemporary art forms contain sonic elements either as conscious acts directed by the artist, or as consequences of processes or movements within a piece. Sound is also a pre-existing condition of any physical space so that even a stationary image, object, or installation can be said to have a sound element as part of its overall experience.

This understanding is the root of the involvement of musicians in visually-focused artistic activity since its inception. While these collaborations are welcomed and valued, artists who aren’t well-versed in sound can gain a lot by becoming more familiar with sound as a discipline in order to take a more direct part in creating their own soundworks, or simply to increase their awareness of the sonic realm. This can also lead to improved communication with sound practitioners – performers, composers, technicians – and more creative results.

The idea of this workshop is to facilitate exploration into sound as a medium of artistic expression using accessible resources. Artists are invited to deepen their understanding of sound as a natural phenomenon and an expressive channel. We will take initial steps towards experimenting with sound as a medium to be considered and applied to art practice. This will provide the foundations for a more direct and personal connection with sound from the perspective of a listener and creator.

Duration: 08 sessions
Language: English with Vietnamese translation
Attendance fee: 4.000.000 VND
* Payment instructions will be provided via confirmation email after you complete and submit the registration form.


Exploring sound as a physical phenomenon: understanding soundwaves and their behavior
Improvising sound creation as individuals and with others: using sound as tools of communication and personal expression
Listening in a more active and expansive way: discovering the psychology and physiology of listening
Sourcing and generating original sounds: experimenting with acoustic and electronic instruments as well as found sonic material and field recordings
Recording, editing, and structuring sounds: using a microphone, the editing process, and placing sounds on a timeline
Synchronizing sound with other media: exploring the relationship of sound with images and motion.

Who can participate?

This program encourages the participation of artists and practitioners in all creative fields who are interested in exploring and practicing sound as a medium of artistic creation.

About workshop mentor

Ian Richter is an electronic musician, producer, and music therapist who operates through a number of artistic personas. Not fond of the limitations of defined musical styles, Richter’s broad scope of activity includes performing live, composing music for contemporary dance, and designing sound for film and the visual arts. With a unique grasp of the human experience of sound, and fluent control over its physics, Richter explores new sonic territories while never letting go of the heart of musical expression. His sonic output ranges from experimental synth-work to leftfield techno and beyond, with releases on abstract edm label Confused Machines, as well as his own imprint, Sekret Pakt.

Ian Richter has been involved in various projects as both a performer and composer including “Anisa Ashkar: Black Gold” exhibition at the Museum of Islamic and Near Eastern Cultures, Israel (2018); contemporary dance project “2Her” within the framework of Dance Arena Festival in Jerusalem (2016); contemporary dance-play “A wo|man” under Goethe-Institut Vietnam’s Antigone Saison Project (2022); classical music project Schubert in a Mug (2023). As a music therapist, he has worked with at-risk youth and with children and adolescents with cognitive disabilities and mental health challenges in Israel and Vietnam. He has also been involved in a number of workshops in Vietnam as an instructor such as the “Emotional Self Care” workshop series (2020) organized by MAI:tri and Blossom Art House, and the “Dance & Music Connection” workshop (2023) organized by Kinergie Studio.

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