Workshop: Distinguish Art and Visual Design – A Viewing Angle

Workshop: Distinguish Art and Visual Design – A Viewing Angle

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Sat 23 May 2020, 10 am – 12 pm
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From the organizer:

The difference between art and design has been a complex and controversial topic for a long time, leading to endless discussions about the delimitation boundaries of these two creative jobs. A topic that is not new but still very practical and interesting is probably not only for people in the industry but also for all those who are interested in creative fields.

So what is art and design? What are the basic points to distinguish between art and design in a modern context? What is the difference between an artist’s role and a designer’s role?

Please join us with our online workshop organized by VCCA to listen and share on this topic with visual artist Le Huong Mi – also a lecturer of Graphic Design History at Monster Lab Art & Design Academy.

About the instructor

Le Huong Mi | mi-mimi

Le Huong Mi was born in 1991 in Hanoi. She is currently a lecturer in Graphic Design History and Typography at Monster Lab Art & Design Academy, a translator, book editor, and freelance art project manager. She collaborates with units such as Thai Ha Books and Noirfoto Darkroom-Studio-Gallery. Besides, she is also a poet and a visual artist, operating under the name mi-mimi.

Mi studied Communication Design in Frankfurt and Anthropology at Hanoi University of Social Sciences and Humanities. She has experience in a wide variety of creative fields, working and collaborating with local and international companies, before setting foot on the path of teaching.
Some art activities / exhibitions she has participated in: Animal Theater 2019 – Á Space (Hanoi), Poetry Plus – Performance Plus 2019 – Mot +++ (HCMC), When the Birds Fly Home – Photography Exhibition and Storytelling, co-writing – Women’s Museum (Hanoi).

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