The making of “Khi con nhớ má”

The making of “Khi con nhớ má”

06 pm, Wed 25 Oct 2023
Chau & Co Gallery
Alley 123 Nguyễn Đình Thi, Tây Hồ, Hanoi
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From the organizer:

About the book “When I miss you” by Duy-Phuong Le Nguyen:

Duy-Phuong Le Nguyen’s book introduces an alternative way of seeing documentary photography through a son’s nostalgia for his Má who passed away not long ago. By photographing Má’s personal belongings and memoirs, Duy Phuong travels through time and space. His reminiscence has led him to endless conversations with Má. Duy Phuong’s personal family archive has created a chance for documentary photography to meet poetry once again.

About photographer Duy-Phuong Le Nguyen:

Born in 1984, Duy-Phuong Le Nguyen is one of Vietnam’s most prominent photographers. He received two scholarships for artists-in-residence at ENSP Photography School (Arles, France) and Oberlin College in Ohio (USA). His works have been exhibited at the Quain Branly Museum in Paris (France), the Gallery of Oberlin College (USA) and the famous Saatchi Gallery in London (UK). In the recent international photography biennal Photo Hanoi’23, Duy Phuong was the curator and artist whose works showcased at the exhibition “Đi tìm thời gian đã mất thời gian đi tìm” taking place at Mo Art Space (Hanoi).

Duy-Phuong Le Nguyen’s sharing about the talk:

“The idea of creating this book came from Mom’s funeral, it was then that everything on my mind gradually took shape. Everything in life is a matter of fate. The making of this book, from idea conceptualization to the finished print edition brought to the audiences is also a result of cause and effect.

There are countless ideas that cross our mind everyday, but to turn an idea into something tangible, is again, a matter of cosmic manifestation. Even the moment you carry this book “When I miss you” in your hands, is a result of a series of manifestations.

I realized that having the opportunity to learn about the history of photography, to me, feels like destiny and I know what I’m doing. In this talk, I will share with you how this book was created, similar to creating an art object from idea execution.”

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