”Hanoi Masters” Album Featured in WOMAD UK 2016

”Hanoi Masters” Album Featured in WOMAD UK 2016

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Hanoi Masters WOMAD UK 2016

“Hanoi Masters: War Is A Wound, Peace Is A Scar” was produced last year by Grammy-winning producer Ian Brennan under German music label Glitterbeat to document the reactions of older Vietnamese combat-veterans and elders to the effects of the Vietnam War, four decades after the skies fell silent and the bombing stopped.

The album will be featured in WOMAD UK 2016, a cultural festival that will take place from 28 – 31 July in Charlton Park in London.

The musicians, whether presenting traditional songs or self-penned material that deals with the conflict’s aftermath, redress the balance in the light of subsequent Western (mainly American) cultural hegemony, and do so in part through their continued use of traditional Vietnamese instruments only.

But, as The Guardian acutely noted, “this is not simply a historical exercise; the songs feel alive and raw, as if the performers are acting as mediums for the horrors their countrymen endured”. This is music that is proud, defiant and infinitely fascinating, the humanity shining through in every note, every syllable.

This WOMAD appearance marks the masters’ first time ever traveling outside of their own nation.

Watch the album’s teaser here:

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