HCMC – Art Walk 2.0

HCMC – Art Walk 2.0

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01 – 15 Oct 2016
From the organizer:

Art Walk, a program organized by Sao La last year, was held in the purpose of emphasizing the relationship between the community, social context and artists, which entailed connecting art with the public, environmental surveys of local art. Keeping with this spirit, Sao La is elated to invite artists to join hands in the creation of this year’s program. This time, Art Walk will be larger in scale, linking up to 10 artist’s studios in the city. Each studio, with the possession of its particular character, would welcome the arts audience to enjoy and discover the creative practices.

Along with the private space of the aforementioned artists’ studios, the vibrant urban context of Saigon today is also noteworthy. Sao La invites you unto an excursion, stretching from Thanh Da, Binh Thanh, without the exception of District 1, District 3, to District 5, District 10. Aside from these boisterous streets, the city’s urban landscape shall also be contemplated and witnessed through a unique and floating lens, a perspective which could only arise from the abundant rivers and canals, another characteristic feature of Saigon.

The program includes “địa/phương ~ local-liti,” a group exhibition, as a suggestive theme for the Art Walk this year. This exhibition also marks the opening and introduction of a new space of Dia Projects in Thanh Da peninsula.

Sao La will provide a map on which the audience is able to actively set their own itinerary. The program would provide the public with the opportunity to meet and talk with artists during an one-month period from 01 October to 01 November, as well as to attend music nights, film screenings and conversations that are co-organized by Sao La.

To join this walk together, get updated with the information as regards our schedule and program’s details on:

* Facebook Sao La: https://www.facebook.com/gqsaola/
* Facebook page of the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/168434343601256/
* Instagram: saola_vietnam_oi
* Email: [email protected]

Art Walk 2016 is kindly funded by CDE.


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