A look at Japanese contemporary dance performance “J-Dance”

A look at Japanese contemporary dance performance “J-Dance”

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Written by Nguyen Duc Tung for Hanoi Grapevine
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A part of “AFTERGLOW”

On December 7th and 8th 2018, Japan Foundation brought to the audience in Hanoi a contemporary dance performance titled “J-Dance” at the Youth Theater of Vietnam.

This event celebrated the 45th anniversary of diplomatic relationship between the two countries.

J-Dance featured 5 artists from Japan, performing 4 contemporary dance performances, including 3 solos and 1 duo. The audience was strongly impressed by the visual of each performance. With the minimum use of sound, each artist instead focused on transmitting the story through body language.

What that made this event even more memorable was the Butoh performance named AFTERGLOW by choreographer Ishii Nirohito. This is a form of Japanese dance created in 1959. During the performance, dancers cover their full body with white or gold paint. There are not many Butoh performances in Vietnam, so this unique art form still unfamiliar to the audience. For that reason, Ishii Nirohito’s performance not only had artistic but also cultural values.

Despite the chilling Hanoi winter, many people came to the Youth Theater of Vietnam to experience this unique style of art.

View video The duo by Shinohe Yoshica and Kihara Kota:

Some photos taken at the performance:

Choreographer Ryu Suzuki during his performance “After rust”
A part of “After rust”
Choreographer Otsuka Ikumi during her performance “Shaka” (The Melody of Apology)
Choreographer Ishii Nirohito as a Butoh dancer


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