Exhibition “Hanoi through Lacquer” by Eriko Hamada

Exhibition “Hanoi through Lacquer” by Eriko Hamada

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Exhibition: 14 – 30 Sep 2019
Tranquil. Cafe
15B Tran Hung Dao, Hanoi

From the organizer:

Hanoi seen through my lacquer paintings.

This is what Hanoi is like through my eyes.

Vietnamese people who live this city love their families and have close relationships with their neighborhoods since the old time. This city has been changing a lot.

Some precious ancient buildings in Hanoi have been extended either vertically or horizontally to accommodate bigger families. The people live with the buildings.

We can find a part of the wall that has fallen, and the other part has changed. We can also find traces of layers of paint being re-applied various times. How many people have visited these places, how people spend time there, and how people have changed along with the houses. I always imagine these things and sometimes I talk to the residents while sketching.

Most of the buildings in Hanoi have changed with time without being completely demolished. I feel it is similar to the paintings of lacquer having many layers.

My works in this exhibition are lacquer paintings and sketches of buildings in Hanoi, which fascinates me and gives me a sense of time.

– Eriko Hamada

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