Hue – Exhibition “Rendez-vous” by Léopold Franckowiak

Hue – Exhibition “Rendez-vous” by Léopold Franckowiak

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Opening: Tue 19 Nov 2019, 5 pm
Exhibition: 19 Nov – 07 Dec 2019, 9 am – 5 pm (closed on Sunday)
Institut français de Huế

From Institut français de Huế:

Léopold Franckowiak is French and has been living in Hue, Vietnam, for eight years now.

Since the end of 2016, inspired by the photos of his personal album, contemporary photos or of former time, he paints portraits, his friends here in Vietnam, those of France, and plays the confusion to mix periods. We can thus find, in the same painting, the people he meets currently between some others, coming from elsewhere, at a time when they were younger, or even passed away and that he sometimes relocates in a Vietnamese context.

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Institut français de Huế
01 Le Hong Phong, Hue
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