Sang Sông at Ơ Kìa

Sang Sông at Ơ Kìa

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Opening: Chủ nhật 14 June 2020, 09:30 pm
Exhibition: 14 June – 21 June 2020
Ơ Kìa Hà Nôi art space
360 Đê La Thành, Hà Nội

From the organizer:

“Sang Sông” ( Crossing the river) is the name of a yet to be published photo book by the filmmaker – people’s artist Nguyen Huu Tuan.

In here, lies the pictures, private stories, unspoken feelings, words passing by, rumours, or folk dialogues; the characteristics – foldings – traits of the Vietnamese people and culture emerges, with clarity, romance and lyricality.
A private space within a public sphere, one that is organic and poetic.
Until one day, those ferry port, the river plain, can only exist in pictures.

“Sang Sông” ( Crossing the river) to listen, to think about the stories of the ferry ports, of the river plain, of the by-passers, those that leave and those that return. Those people that will not stop destroying – will not stop building and will not stop missing. Stories are not only told through these rare black and white photographs; it is also built upon, reformed, looked at, projected upon through the minutiae arrangement, through new inspirations, through voices, melodies of both the artists and the public that will partake.

“Sang Sông” is a journey for all of us on Sunday morning in the summer of 2020.
This is when we wait for the ferry at Ơ Kìa port and think about what awaits us on the other side of the river.

“Sang Sông” is an activity of an event series Vì Một Hà Nội Đáng Sống ( For a livable Hanoi)
The supporting ticket fee is 80,000 VNĐ which includes one drink or food of your choice. All of your support will be used to organise and assist artists that partake in the event.

You can fund the event or support it through the method of buying drinks, food and products- pieces at Ơ Kìa Hà Nội. Any support from you acts as a valuable motivation in assisting us to continue hosting other cultural and artistic events for the community.

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