Theatre “Cinderella”

Theatre “Cinderella”

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08 pm, 01, 02 & 08, 09 Mar 2024
Complex 01
No. 29, lane 31, alley 167 Tây Sơn, Quang Trung, Đống Đa, Hà Nội
07:30 pm, 16 Mar & 06:30 pm, 17 Mar 2024
ATH – Drama and Arts Space
No. 102 alley 47 Quảng Khánh, Quảng An, Tây Hồ, Hà Nội
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From the organizer:

This year’s March, we are so happy to invite all audiences of theater and performance arts in Hanoi to come and see our play “Cinderella,” directed by Quentin Delorme!

For people who are still not familiar with street theater, or who have never seen a play before – come and get energetic with us, ready to discover the fantasy world of modern fairy tale :) And for people who still vaguely remember a very young and sad woman, a noisy and chaotic step-mother, or a very cool fairy at Manzi – let us surprise you one more time and get you excited again!


A young woman cannot understand the last words of her mother, but didn’t ask her to repeat them. After her mother passed, she’s obsessed with these words: “If you always think of me and never forget me for more than 5 minutes, I’ll always be here.” Joël Pommerat has started with this grief and misunderstanding to retell a very old and familiar fairy tale in a modern way.

Cinderella story resembles our current reality – when everyone is torn between consumption habits and materialism, as values of ethics and humanity are slowly fading away. This play criticizes the individualist lifestyles by portraying several characters who are very selfish and always rely on lies, therefore leading uncomfortable and stuffy lives.

Throughout the play, actors and actresses will continue to move in between several different spaces. Inspired by street theater, Quentin wants Cinderella to be a play made for everybody, where audiences can also join in the story along with the actors


– Ticket price: 250,000 VNĐ/one person
– Early bird ticket is 200,000 VNĐ if you purchase before 23/2/2024
– Student ticket is 200,000 VNĐ
– Group ticket is 150,000 VNĐ/person, if you have a group of 5 or more people


Joël Pommerat is a very important writer in the history of French theater. He has written and directed more than 20 plays in his lifetime. In 1990, he established a professional theater group to practise and perform plays that he composed. “Le Monde” magazine gave him a lot of praises, saying he’s “an excellent artist who, along with his theater group Louis Brouillard created many beautiful works of art. In Pommerat’s plays, words, light and sounds all communicate to build up an expression of the world.”


Quentin graduated from the Professional Drama School in France in 2006. He then led his artistic career as a stage director in France, Morocco, Italy, and Vietnam. In 2013, he founded ATH – Drama and Arts Space where he now teaches acting. All of his theater productions express his artistic ideology: Culture must offer to people, to each individual without discrimination, a tool for observation, reflection, and an opportunity to take part in the development of the community of which they are part of.

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