KVT’s Southern Journals

KVT’s Southern Journals

Has the locus of Vietnamese contemporary art shifted from Hanoi to HCMC?
KVT headed south to take a look for himself. The result is a series of articles about his encounters.

Part 1: Galerie Quynh has been a premier art name in HCMC for about nine years.

Part 2: Ei8ht Gallery has been a fixture on the Saigonese art scene for two years and has between eight and ten exhibitions a year.

Part 3: VIVEKKEVIN, a fine art space that specializes in jewellery.

Part 4: San Art, KVT comes face to face with the work of Nguyen Thi Thanh Mai.

Part 5: San Art, one of the first experimental spaces in Saigon.

Part 6: Galerie Quynh, The One Planet of Nguyen Manh Hung.

Part 7: DIA, an extension of the artist’s own practice and changes to suit the needs and necessities of that practice.


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