Salon Natasha re-opens!

Salon Natasha re-opens!


Opening: Wed 01 Apr, 6pm

Exhibition: 01-15 Apr 2009
Salon Natasha


Here’s some great news: Salon Natasha is re-opening!

The inaugural exhibition features portraits painted by well-known Salon resident artist Vu Dan Tan, together with portraits by children from the Art School Co Xinh, with whom Tan has recently been working.
Vu Dan Tan 06 tan-port-16 tan-port-18

Salon Natasha has been closed for the last 4 or 5 years. But for more than a decade before closing, its role in supporting and promoting contemporary art and artists in Vietnam was almost legendary. The first private gallery in Hanoi, it was established in 1990 by Russian emigre Natasha Kraevskaia and her husband, the artist Vu Dan Tan. In the early 90’s Salon Natasha was the only exhibition space free from government strictures and open to the new spirit of artistic freedom.

Salon Natasha is located in the home of its owner’s family, and at the same time serves as Vu Dan Tan’s studio. It has always been a meeting place for artists, intellectuals and the public and a venue for modern, young, experimental and non-commercial art. The re-launch of Salon Natasha remains true to this original spirit.

Salon Natasha is known for its intriguing combination of art and daily life, but also for its integrity and firm commitment to showing works that are different from those of mainstream Vietnamese contemporary art.

minh-hau-8t viet-tung-11t minh-hoang

SALON NATASHA – the spirit of innovation

In this context the goal of the Salon is to respond to growing social and artistic change and to introduce to public new directions and innovations in art.

We try:

– to promote not only well-known artists but younger ones who have strong passion for experimentation

– to support collaborative forms in art work

– to introduce the foreign art work which has definite links to Vietnam

– to resist to commercialism in art and to negative influence of market

– to welcome those who have both conceptual and playful approach to art making

Since 1990 Salon Natasha, the first private gallery, began to exhibit works by different artists using criteria of: artistic value, concept, search for new forms of expression and creative courage – totally opposite to those of official exhibitions.

Because the children have created more works than can be exhibited at one time, there will be a second opening on the 9th of April at 6pm to display other works by children from Art School Co Xinh.

Parking: in front of Nha Tho Church


Salon Natasha
30 Hàng Bông, Hà Nội
Tel: 38261387
[email protected]

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