KVT – Day 8

KVT – Day 8

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KVT’s Diary as he enjoys exploring Hanoi in the final days counting down to Hanoi’s birthday.

KVT says: There is so much great stuff on and so much to see in the lead up to the great day that this opinionated blogger can’t get to the lot…so if you catch an event or a memorable sight send it to [email protected] and we’ll post our favorites so that no one’s left in the dark.

Going around inner city Hanoi with its stages and flowers and lights can’t help but put a grin of pleasure on your face. Even a crush wander at night around Hoan Kiem is well worth the, sometimes, breathless feel.

I am sure that this plan will be victorious!
Pham Huy Thong

The Ford Foundation/British Council Auction collection at the Bui Gallery is a strong exhibition of, mostly, recent, Vietnamese, contemporary art (add to these the pieces donated to the auction by some of my favorite up and coming artists with good international reputations, and the donations of three respected foreigners). Almost all of the work is extremely collectable and will command good auction bids. The viewers at the opening were a diverse group (at one of the most convivial openings I’ve been to in a long time) and it was interesting to listen in and get their favorites. The hardest thing with such an eclectic collection is HOW to display it and still do it all justice. The Bui has, as usual, curated the show very well so that the pieces breathe easily. By itself it represents a very worthwhile cross section of Vietnamese art circa late 1990’s to the present with many major talents represented. There are at least five pieces I’d love to own. Ha Manh Thang’s small work is especially delightful. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED VIEWING

Ha Manh Thang Traditional Beauty
Ha Manh Thang

The Viet Art Centre is a MUST VISIT. On show are historic sketches, political comics and drawings by painters from the Indochine School of Fine Arts, Hanoi,1925 to 1945. It may all sound a bit dry but it is a fascinating slice of art history and actual history. The drawings and paintings make history jump alive, and scattered amongst them are real eye openers. A beautifully presented and an extremely handsome book about the collection is available – bilingual and with a well researched and readable text and excellently reproduced illustrations. Definitely a must have for art and history buffs. The art is from the collection of Mr Tira “Vanichtheeront’s” collection of Vietnamese drawings. He only collects works on paper and for an excellent overview of the collection, its owner and its importance you should read Dr Nora Taylor’s preface to the book. The exhibition is exhilarating. RIVETTING and IMPORTANT

Some more top class art is coming our way (October is anything but dull!)

FRIDAY 8: Art Vietnam hosts Nguyen Cam, one of Vietnam’s most influential, talented and respected artists. This is bound to be one of the years best shows.

THURSDAY 14: Salon Natasha honors the memory of Vu Dan Tan one year after his death with, what will be, a highly collectable exhibition of his ‘Money’ series  . Some of his work was recently shown in Russia and a piano and flute recital of selections of his classical music compositions was well received.

Monday 18: the work of the 8 finalists from the Danish sponsored ‘Young Talent Prize 2010’ will be at the Fine Art University Gallery. The finalists have been whittled from 165 entries and the 1st prize winner will be decided by your online votes.

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Not a reviewer, not a critic, “Kiếm Văn Tìm” is an interested, impartial and informed observer and connoisseur of the Hanoi art scene who offers highly opinionated remarks and is part of the long and venerable tradition of anonymous correspondents. Please add your thoughts in the comment field below.

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