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KVT-2012Ta Lan Hanh B28

(Vietnamese version available)

KVT joins the queue to see the drawings at L’Espace

There’s a great little show comic cum cartoon exhibition at L’Espace that is proving very popular with Vietnamese viewers …but anyone who lacks the ability to read Tieng Viet will be won over by the delightful visuals.

Bui Hai Nam has a long panel titled ‘A Marriage’ and its very old fashioned in execution and therefore jam packed with comment, satire and visual farce. It’s worthwhile going to the show just to catch it. If you’re an outsider, but one who’s been to a few village type weddings, you’ll catch on to a lot of the visuals even if you can’t latch onto the dialogue balloons.

Bui Hai Nam B1

Bui Hai Nam B2

Everyone just has to fall head over heels with Ta Huy Long’s watercolor panels called “Grasshoppers on the Roof”. They represent some of the best illustrations you’re likely to see in a long time and belong in very high quality kids’ books. The story is great and the pictures are superb.

Ta Huy Long B3

Ta Huy Long B4

Ta Huy Long B5

Ta Huy Long B6

Who needs words? Do Huu Chi’s black and white story line is universal and would be right at home in ‘The New Yorker’. It’s called ‘Stylish Flirt’ and is a type of comic strip you wouldn’t mind having in your daily newspaper…could be addictive

Do Huu Chi B7

Do Huu Chi B8

Do Huu Chi  B9

Do Huu Chi B10

Do Huu Chi B11

I wish I could immediately comprehend written Vietnamese because then have been laughing along with everyone else as they read Nguyen Thanh Phong’s illustrated tale.