Enjoying the Year of Snake

Enjoying the Year of Snake

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15 – 17 Feb 2013
Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

From the organizer:

The Vietnam Museum of Ethnology organizes a special program to celebrate Quy Ty New Year 2013 from February 15 to February 17, 2013 (from the 6th to the 8th of the lunar calendar). There are many traditional activities such as art performances, games, local speciality. This program not only provides the public with rich entertainment during the holidays, but also contributes to the preservation and spreading of cultural heritage of different areas and ethnic groups.

The program Celebration of Quy Ty New Year organized by the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology in cooperation with the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism in Yen Bai Province offers some unique cultural features of ethnic groups in Yen Bai at the Museum for the first time: Hmong people cooking thang co (horse meat), playing khen (a musical instrument); Cao Lan people making chim gau pastry, Thai people cooking xoi ngu sac (five-colour sticky rice); Xa Pho people playing sao mui (nose flute); Dao people playing ken ong nua (bamboo horn); Kho Mu people performing thuong luong dance (water dragon dance)

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According to the Kho Mu’s belief, thuong luong is the sacred animal, which can control rain; people perform a thuong luong dance in a ritual to pray for rain, a productive harvest and a good life. In addition, the Kho Mu group contributes to the program three games: climbing a pillar, passing through the strings, jumping over cross). Besides performing the bamboo horn, the Dao group also show audience how such the instrument is created. The audience also has an opportunity to listen and talk to Ms. Dang Thi Thanh – Xa Pho artist who plays flute with her nose.

Besides activities organized by artists from Yen Bai, a group from Hai Phong perform a four-sacred animal’s dance: dragon, unicorn, turtle and phoenix. The Minh Tam puppet artists perform stories typical of farmers and rural life.

The audience can participate in bamboo dance, scarf dance, conical hat dance with Thai people. Visitors will be shown the calligraphe and Dong Ho paintings by local artist. Lovers of Dong Ho paintings have chance to try their hands at printing their own favourite pictures under the supervision of artists from Bac Ninh. There are also traditional clothes of various ethnic groups such as Hmong, Dao, Thai, Phu La, etc available for the audience to try on and take pictures.

Visitors can participate over 20 games are organized including Kinh’s games such as clay craker, swing, tug of war, sack jumping and other games from other ethnic groups, for example stepping (Thai), spinning (Dao, Nung), Playing shuttlecock (Pa Then, Hmong). Children also can make animals from rice powder, colour pictures or colour animals made of clays with guidance from artisans.

In particular, at 07:00 pm, on 7th of Têt (16 Feb), visitors have the opportunity to enjoy firework performance by craftsmen from Hai Phong and other intersting activities. The fireworks display for New Year is believed to bring well being and material prosperity and drive away evil spirits..

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