Art Workshop “From Regeneration to Creation”

Art Workshop “From Regeneration to Creation”

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Conceptual Performance and Interactive Installation Workshop

Sun 02 Aug 2015, 12 am – 6 pm
Pasteur Garden, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi

From Nha San Collective:

You are invited to the conceptual performance and interactive installation workshop by Tuan Mami (visual/performance artist) and Nguyen Hoang Phuong (architect/social activist).

This workshop is a part of the art event [FROM. TO.] hosted by Nha San Collective, opening from 6PM-10PM, videos showed from August 3rd to August 16th, 2015.

Open to everybody at any age/occupation, especially people who care about art and environment.

How to register: Please send your email to [email protected] or post to our facebook event your name and preferred time slot.

*This workshop is free of charge.

This workshop is inspired by the interactions between living beings and their surrounding environment, memories and everyday stories.

By observing, selecting, interacting, reporting, telling stories the participants take part in the process of collectively constructing a multimedia artwork, through a course of action: creating – moving – installing with ready-made materials.

This workshop is constructed with the interdisciplinary structure of conceptual art, social study and environment.

How to participate:
+ The participant will find/choose/randomly pick up a piece of wood and bring it to the workshop.
+ Work with the artist and workshop instructor to create something out of that piece of wood, make it your very own artwork (through painting, writing, sculpting…).
+ The participant must agree to have their artworks shown/presented in a collective installation that will take place from August 2nd to August 16th, 2015. The participant will move the artwork and install it themselves in the exhibition space. (The participant can take their artwork back after the exhibition).

Communication partner: Hanoi Grapevine

Nhà Sàn COLLECTIVE is not a museum, a gallery or an international culture institute where completed work are presented by established artists. Just like Nhà Sàn Studio before, it is a working studio to nurture where artists can create, collaborate, be given advices, critiques, and have chances to meet with international artists, curators. Works that are presented at open studio every month could be finished or not, but the process of developing idea and working to improve the quality of the art work for local artists is what Nhà Sàn COLLECTIVE focuses on.

If you are interested and curious about experimental art, and want to have conversation with the working artists, please visit


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