Exhibition “Reality through the Eyes”

Exhibition “Reality through the Eyes”

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Exhibition Reality through the Eyes-nguyen dinh duy quyen

Opening: Fri 05 Aug 2016, 6 pm
Exhibition: 05 – 09 Aug 2016
Vietnam National Museum of Fine Arts

From the organizer:

Come to exhibition “Reality through the Eyes” by artist Nguyen Dinh Duy Quyen.

“REALITY THROUGH THE EYES” is my first personal exhibition to look back on three years of working and creating artworks as an artist. I have observed everything around me and explore life to put things in life into my artworks. All the images were caught and refined through the eyes of the artist to bring emotion to my artworks. Apart from the feeling about life, the emotion about childhood also became my ideas for these paintings in this exhibition.

As a child, I was very interested in and curious about everything around me: beautiful flowers and animals, colorful birds and fish, and enjoyed watching the animal world program on television, the lives and the survival of the wild animals. For me, those images were very interesting so I recorded them into childhood memories. Now, those typical images were appeared in my artworks: The child expresses his lovely emotion and surprise for the first time, looking at the flowers, birds, fishes as well as the activities of animals such as chicks or baby fishes following their mothers. Animals leisurely and peacefully live their lives in their own habitats. Everything in life was really great.

However, lives of wild animals are not peaceful like that. When watching the wild animals, we can see that they have to fight for survival when the sources of food have been running out, and their habitats have become harsher. The main reason is due to the impacts of nature and climate change such as unusual heat, natural disasters, and so on. However, we cannot deny that one of the reasons is from human being. People are cutting down forests, hunting for meat, ivory to meet human demands. The animal habitats are being destroyed. It has indirectly pushed the animals to the brink of extinction and obviously some species were extinct. To make our world become a better place for human and all species, let’s join hands to protect the natural environment, forests and animals habitats. This action not only makes ecological balance, protects wildlife species but also protects the environment and climate for human lives.

Vietnam National Museum of Fine Arts
66 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Hanoi


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