HS Workshop – Blank Forum #1: “Tu Thuc Meets a Fairy”

HS Workshop – Blank Forum #1: “Tu Thuc Meets a Fairy”

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Fri 30 Nov 2018, 7 – 10 pm
Heritage Space, 1st Floor, Dolphin Plaza
6 Nguyen Hoang / 28 Tran Binh, My Dinh 2, Hanoi

HS Workshop “Blank forum #1: Tu Thuc Meets a Fairy” is a collaboration between Nha Buon Chuyen and Heritage Space. Inspired by an ancient classic chèo play, “Tu Thuc Meets a Fairy”, Nha Buon Chuyen will use the blank forum technique to create a contemporary experimental space where the participants will have the chance to become anyone in the chèo play with their own senses, feelings and artistic ability. A new edition of “Tu Thuc Meets a Fairy” will be made just for our audience!

About the artist:
Founded in Aug 2016, NHA BUON CHUYEN (NBC) is an ecosystem in psychology – culture – art, where each person can understand more about what they truly want, nurture artistic abilities and social empathy, as well as have broad, fundamental knowledge in culture. This ecosysteme and NBC will be the foundation for people to live while respect humanity, knowledge, and kindness.
Until now, NHA BUON CHUYEN has organized:
– 8/2016: Workshop “Interactive play with LGBTs” performed at VietPride
VietPride is a highly-regarded annual event of the LGBT community in Vietnam with the aim to fight for LGBT rights.
– 10/2016 – 5/2017: Translated and published “Kịch của những người bị áp chế”
A book on fundamental theories on the application of theaterical arts in social development.
– 5/2017: Organized and coordinated the international Forum Theatre (Hanoi, Vietnam)
The coordinator network of international Forum Theatre consisting of coordinators form ASEAN countries was founded in 2015.
– 8/2017: Organized the training for Application of Interactiveplay in developing students aiming at teachers at Olympia Schools
Olympia Schools is one of the most highly-regarded international schools in Vietnam, known for new educational approaches focusing on students.
– 11/2017: Training on internal values at Childfund annual event
Childfund is the largest non-profit organization in Vietnam working for children’s rights; they also emphasize on develop and reinforce internal values for their staff.
– 1/2018: Co-ordinate Young Global Citizen Camp at the US Embassy
The camp is an annual activity funded by the US Embassy with the aim to prepare Vietnamese students for globalization and cultural exchange.
– 8/2018: Training on the Application of Interactive play in developing students for teachers at Alfred Nobel International School
Much like Olympia Schools, Alfred Nobel International School is one of a few schools focus on regular trainings for teachers in order to best prepare them for their work.
– 5/2018 – now: Co-producing “Memento Mori”
Memeto Mori is a social project, aiming for beautiful humane qualities through stories of those with cancer and their families. The project has raised more than 500.000.000 VN in 5 fundraising events all over the country in 2018.
– 6/2018 – now: Cultural consult for Mai Chau Lodge (including internal culture and local culture).
Mai Chau Lodge is a hotel of Thien Minh Group, a prime example for hotels who are searching for a new approach that respects the local culture.
– 9/2018 – now: Organize folk culture experience tours
Folk culture experience tours have attracted people from all walks of life. These activities aim preserve the spiritual values of folk cultural heritages.
– 10/2018 – now: Coordinate a nonspecialist research network on folk culture
The nonspecialist research network on folk culture gathers individuals and organizations with the same interest in researching on the application of folk culture in finding solutions for contemporary issues.
Participation fee:
60,000 VND/person – For those who registered online and submit the fee via bank account
80,000 VND/person – For those who registered online and submit the fee at door
100,000 VND/person – For those who did not registered online and submit the fee at door
*** Self-serving drinks (water)
*** SPECIAL OFFER: We will give away 10 bookstặng 10 cuốn sách “Kịch của những người bị áp chế” – sách lý thuyết nền tảng các kỹ thuật trong chương trình dành cho 10 vé đăng ký đầu tiên.

Register online at: https://goo.gl/forms/1TP7pXNVbHmZmj8T2

– Kindly transfer the fee via bank account or submit directly at Heritage Space to secure your place.
– The workshop will open for a maxmimum of 100 participants. The registration form will be closed once we receive enough registrations.
– Please wear comfortable clothing to enjoy the program.
– Leave your phone at vibrate or silent mode during the workshop.
– Please come 10-15 minutes early on the first day of the workshop to do your check-in.
– Heritage Space and NHA BUON CHUYEN will use photos/videos of the workshop to the purpose of promoting our activities only. Please inform us in advance if you wish image of you not being published.
– If you want to take photos or film the workshop for your personal use, make sure you have the permission of artists and other participants.

Follow updates on the event page.

Heritage Space is a combination of an art gallery, a library, a concert hall, co-working office, residency space, artist studios and some open-stages, which has the capacity to host art exhibitions, music events, educational programs, multi-creative forms, artist-in-residency programs and others. Run by a group of curators, artists, researchers, musicians and architects, Heritage Space’s mission is to become a HUB for individuals and groups working on multi-disciplines from both inside and outside of the country to support and develop the creative industries in Vietnam.

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