Tet Fair – Year of the Pig 2019 at ParkCity Hanoi

Tet Fair – Year of the Pig 2019 at ParkCity Hanoi

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Sat 19 Jan 2019, 9 am – 9 pm
Sun 20 Jan 2019, 9 am – 6.30 pm
ParkCity Hanoi
Le Trong Tan St., Ha Dong, Hanoi

From ParkCity Hanoi:

The Year of the Pig is coming to town with plenty of activities. In the warm and exciting atmosphere of the Tet Holiday, for the first time ever, people of Ha Dong district will get to experience a Tet fair with hundreds of booths with cultural activities from all three regions of the countries. This special event will be held on 19 – 20 Jan 2019 at ParkCity Hanoi.

Tet and traditional festivals hold in them a significant cultural and spiritual values in the citizen’s life. Tet holiday and festivals taking place around this time of the year always remind people of precious memories and cherished emotions. This is also a rare occasion where work temporary slows down and family members get to spend more time with each other.

The ‘old’ Tet in the heart of Hanoians is Nhat Tan peach blossom branches, Quang Ba flower market, gio cha Uoc Le (Vietnamese pork sausages), Hang Duong candied fruits, Hang Ma offerings for ancestor altar. Walking through the streets this time of the year, everybody can’t help but feel happy and excited.

Desiring to take the breath of Vietnamese New Year from all these street corners blowing into every corner of the urban area, ParkCity Hanoi organizes Tet Fair – Xuan Ky Hoi 2019 in the inner city with nearly 100 booths for sale. Traditional gifts during the Tet holiday and handicraft items imbued with national identity. The fair will be an opportunity for ParkCity residents as well as surrounding residents to meet, exchange and shop to welcome the Spring.

Hoping to bring out the soul of Vietnamese Tet holiday from every corner of the streets, ParkCity Hanoi will host the Tet Fair – Year of the Pig 2019 in its area with almost 100 booths with traditional crafts and specialties of the occasion. The fair is also a chance for ParkCity residents and the surrounding communities to meet, greet and prepare for the upcoming Tet.

Not only stopping at the rich stalls, the fair also wanted to sketch the Vietnamese folklore picture most clearly through the typical art performance programs of three regions of the country: Mai dance Thung Hoa, Bai Chua, Cheo ancient, Don ca tai tu Nam Bo,… Ancient chèo melodies will fully and sharply outline the diverse cultural colors of a rich Northern Delta region, people The hut artist will tell visitors the stories of a healthy, rustic and honest Central region. Participants will also be immersed in the sweet melodious melodic melody of the Southern province of mainland.

Aside from having a wide variety of booths, the fair wants to recreate a vivid image of Vietnamese folk culture through iconic performances from all 3 regions of the countries: Mai Trung Hoa dance, bài chòi singing, ancient chèo, đờn ca tài tử Nam Bộ (Southern amateur music),… Old chèo melodies will conveys the diverse cultures of the prosperous Northern Delta, bài chòi artists will tell the stories of a strong, rustic and genuine Central Vietnam. Participants will also get to immerse themselves in the sweet melodies from the Southern Vietnam.

The fair is a chance for ParkCity residents and the surrounding communities to meet, greet and prepare for the upcoming Tet. (Photo: ParkCity)

This ParkCity fair is a special occasion for children to explore traditional Tet culture with booths guiding kids to make traditional Tet specialties such as bánh chưng, bánh giày (sticky rice cakes), lucky money envelopes, tò he (toy figurines made from glutinous rice). Enjoy a piece of sticky rice cake you just made, with the lucky money envelope you designed, carefully colored and filled with loving wishes, everyone will feel that Tet is very near.

In our traditional culture, the image of the old teacher ‘giving words’ for people to hang in their houses have become a beauty in life. (Photo: ParkCity)

Talking about the meaning of the fair, Mr. Le Quoc Huan, Director of Commerce, representative of ParkCity – the event organizer, said: “We always believe that the connection in the family and in the community and beyond is the foundation of culture and traditions – the core values that contribute to the vibrant Asia we see today. This is also a strategic vision that ParkCity investors always aim for during the construction and development of a united and prosperous community.”

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