HN, HCMC, Hue & Danang – German Film Festival “Schlingel 2019″

HN, HCMC, Hue & Danang – German Film Festival “Schlingel 2019″

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Hanoi: 21 – 30 Jun 2019
National Cinema, 87 Láng Hạ
Hue: 25 – 29 Jun 2019
Đông Ba Cinema, 203 Trần Hưng Đạo
Da Nang: 26 – 30 Jun 2019
The General science library, 44 Bach Dang, Hai Chau
Ho Chi Minh City: 19 – 24 Jun 2019
Cinestar Hai Bà Trưng, 135 Hai Bà Trưng, Bến Nghé, Ward 1

From Goethe Institut:

The well-known German Film Festival for Children and Youth SCHLINGEL takes place again in Vietnam. The Goethe-Institut organizes its tour to the cities of Hanoi, Hue, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City. From the 19th till the 30th of June 2019 the best recent German children’s and youth films will be presented. The German Film Festival SCHLINGEL 2019 is organized in cooperation with SCHLINGEL and supported by German Films and the Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung mdm.

The program consists of six awarded films. They focus on children with strong characters, who are adventurous and full of imagination.

German Film Festival SCHLINGEL 2019 Program

“Jim Button and Luke the Locomotive Driver” is a puppet show that tells us about the adventures of the orphan boy Jim Button, his best friend, the locomotive driver Lukas, and his magical locomotive Emma. The film is based on a children’s book by the German author, also well-known in Vietnam: Michael Ende.

The film “Matti and Sami and the three biggest mistakes of the universe”, tells the story of a family traveling together on vacation, and having to overcome many obstacles. With the challenges, the cohesion of the family grows and a heartwarming summer story with a lot of humor is spun.

The movie “Simple” is about two unequal brothers who want to prevent that Simple, who is of simple spirit but an incredibly sweet and warmhearted boy, will be send to a children’s home. The two brothers Ben and Simple embark on an exciting journey to Hamburg.

“Supa Modo” tells the story of a cancer-stricken girl named Jo, who dreams of becoming a super heroine. And miraculously, the dream comes true.

In “My devil-friend Lilith”, the pubescent daughter of the devil himself, is bored to death in hell. She desires to make a trip to the human world and to experience some adventures. But in order to make this come true, she has to prove to her father that she can be really angry and evil. Finally they make a deal. Her father allows her to spend a week with humans and where she has to cause a lot of mischief.

The “Little Witch” is a rebel. She does not like to follow rules. When she secretly flies to the Blocksberg at the Walpurgis Festival, she gets promptly caught and as a punishment she has to memorize the 7892 spells of one year.

Parents, children and film fans of all ages can look forward to a film festival full of beautiful, exciting films.

The film screenings in Saigon and Hanoi will be accompanied by the director of the festival Schlingel: Michael Harbauer, the producer of “How to be really bad”-Sonja Lore Gabriele Ewers, the casting director of “The Little Witch”: Daniela Elisabeth Tolkien, and the director of “Simple”: Markus Friedrich Goller. They are all very much looking forward to meeting the audiences of their films and their film colleagues from Vietnamese film and television companies.

The headquarters of the Film Festival for children and adolescents SCHLINGEL is located in Chemnitz. It takes place annually and offers an overview of the latest international productions in the children’s and youth film sector. The last SCHLINGEL Festival 2018 attracted 25,000 visitors to Chemnitz. There were more than 230 films shown. In addition to artist talks, there were also workshops for children and adolescents, who were able to gain their first experience dealing with camera and co.

Michael Harbauer: has been devoted to films since his early childhood. In 1996, he initiated the International Film Festival for Children and Young Audience SCHLINGEL. What was originally launched as a film week with not more than twelve films, is now one of the most comprehensive platforms for international and national children’s and youth films in Germany. Furthermore, Michael Harbauer is film supervisor at the important regulating institutions and advisory boards for film, cinema and television in Germany. He has also been member of several international festival juries and curated German film programmes abroad.

Markus Goller: was born in 1969 in Munich. He worked as an assistant editor at the Filmhaus München from 1990 to 1992. Since 1992 Goller has worked as a freelance editor in the areas of feature film, advertising and music videos.

In 2017, Goller released his first movie, where he also played a leading role in the screenplay. The film “Simpel” with David Kroos and Frederick Lau in the main roles is a heartbreaking drama. The two actors received for their performance the Bavarian Film Award in the category Best Actor.

In addition to his work as a director, scriptwriter and editor, Goller also made his debut as a producer in 2018. “25 Km/h” is the first movie of the production company SunnySideUp, which Goller had founded together with author Oliven Ziegenbalg at the end of 2016. With now more than 1 million viewers “25km / h” became an independent hit.


In Hanoi:
Ticket price: 20,000 VND
Tickets are on sale from 17 Jun 2019 at the cinema.
Ticket price: 20,000 VND
Tickets are on sale from 12 Jun 2019 at the cinema.

In Hue: Free tickets are distributed from 19 Jun 2019 at the cinema.
In Danang: Free tickets are distributed from 20 Jun 2019 at the cinema.


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