Theatre: “Nang Kieu Comes Back”

Theatre: “Nang Kieu Comes Back”

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Sat 09 Nov 2019, 8 pm
Youth Theatre
11 Ngo Thi Nham, Hanoi

From Goethe Institut:

“Truyện Kiều” (The Story of Kieu) is considered to be the single most important work of Vietnamese literature. The beauty of its language and the vast array of extreme life situations and hopes in this narrative, the miraculous rescue of Kieu and restoration of her life in dignity form an integral part of Vietnam’s intellectual cultural heritage.

In appreciation of the translation and in veneration of the original and the poet Nguyen Du, the Goethe-Institut has invited four directors to unfold their original and fresh approaches to this subject matter. For the epic heritage of an epic lives on only if it passes the test of time again and again.

What makes the text and its artistic promise of reconciliation with the world still relevant today?
Which image of women is unfolded in the epic?
Today’s reader wonders if the female image of Nguyen Du’s KIEU is still relevant today. What has changed in the last decades?
How does this effect the approach to bring Truyện Kiều to the stage today?

The play premiered on 12.10.2019 and was shown in Ho Chi Minh City on 20.10.2019. For cost reasons, the performance on 09.11.2019 will not include the guest production from Ho Chi Minh City.

Language: Vietnamese – without translation


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