Discussion: “Little Hushes, Little Lies”

Discussion: “Little Hushes, Little Lies”

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IF Hanoi

Thu 09 Jan 2020, 6 pm
24 Trang Tien, Hanoi

From L’Espace:

You are invited to the discussion “Little Hushes, Little Lies” with the participation of our guest speakers:
– Thân Thị Mận, Translator, Master’s degree in Children and Adolescents Developmental Psychology from the cooperation programme between University of Toulouse le Mirail and University of Social Sciences and Humanities Hanoi.
– Nguyễn Đức Nam, Master’s degree in Social work.

Dana Castro’s Little hushes, little lies – child’s secret garden is a book for parents written in a simple, liberal and relaxed style. In this book, the author often uses spoken language with words and images from everyday life to describe children’s mentality in order to facilitate readers’ understanding.

This book provides food for thought and answers to the concerns that parents always feel anxious about: children’s secrets and lies. Why do they keep their parents at a distance? Why are they lying? How can their behaviors be explained from a psychological point of view? What role do secrets and lies play in children’s mental development? How to react to children’s secrets, from the smallest to the “most fatal”?

We hope that the suggestions in this book will help parents to better understand their children’s world, manage family relationships, and better support their children in their development.

Language: Vietnamese

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Translated by Hanoi Grapevine

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