Hanoi Grapevine’s Finest 2019 – Promotional Video – Finest Organizers

Hanoi Grapevine’s Finest 2019 – Promotional Video – Finest Organizers

All art organizations, artists, and art events/ event series are listed in the list of HANOI GRAPEVINE’S FINEST 2019 proposed by Hanoi Grapevine, evaluated by a professional and enthusiastic Board of Advisors.

The program consists of two forms of honors: selected by Hanoi Grapevine (Hanoi Grapevine’s choices) and selected by Audience (Audience’s choices), and divided into three categories: Pioneers, Meaningful Projects in year, Outstanding Artist of the Year.


Independent arts organizations in Hanoi have been operating for 3 years or more, have meaningful art project activities in 2019, have a positive influence and contribution to the art world and the broader community in general.

In addition, we also award “Intensive comment” for three audience participated in the vote have the best comment.


For the first time in 2019, Hanoi Grapevine announced the event honoring HANOI GRAPEVINE’s FINEST – seeks to honor individuals, organizations, projects, and activities whose work in the creative arts that have been striving to create a diverse and open cultural and artistic environment andpioneering, contributing to raising the awareness and ability of cultural and artistic empathy, helping individuals connect with themselves and the community, making a better and more meaningful life.

HANOI GRAPEVINE’s FINEST aims to become an annual honoring event in order to foster artistic development, promote media coverage and further the influence of arts and culture on the community in a broader and more meaningful manner.

The event is initiated by Hanoi Grapevine and PAN – the pro-active audience network, under the valuable sponsorship from British Council, European Union, and Cultural and Creative Hubs Vietnam. Also, we would like to express our appreciation for precious sponsorship from the Japan Foundation.

About Hanoi Grapevine

Hanoi Grapevine is an independent and not-for-profit online platform that aims to support the Vietnamese art scene by connecting local artists, arts spaces and high quality event organisers with their audience.Our vision is to become the number-one virtual information hub for artists and anyone who wants to learn about arts and culture in Vietnam. “Think Art-Culture-Vietnam? Think Grapevine!”

Hanoi Grapevine’s ongoing mission since its inception has always been to promote arts and culture in Vietnam and supporting independent artists and artistic movements. Through this main purpose, we introduce different art forms to audiences and encourage their creative thinking.


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