Music in the Dark – HOME

Music in the Dark – HOME

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Sun 25 Apr 2021, 07 pm
SOUL Live Project Complex
214-216 Pasteur, Võ Thị Sáu Ward, D.3, HCMC

From the organizer:

“Music In The Dark” is a special music performance held in complete darkness so that the members of the audience can focus entirely on the experience provided by music and the word. Unique in its conception, it offers an evening where the beauty and power of music are allowed to shine even more brightly and have even more emotional power because all visual distractions have been eliminated. It must be experienced to be understood.

The main music materials of “Music In The Dark” is VOCAL as an amazing instrument capable of conveying a wide range of emotions. Whether as a solo or in combination with another voice or all together as a choir, the human voice has incredible power. This concert features vocal students, teachers and ensembles, both accompanied and unaccompanied. With the theme of “HOME”, the songs offer diverse forms of vocal music for different combinations of voices.

“Music In The Dark” 2021 entitle “HOME”

“Music in the Dark” serves as an opportunity for the community to support charitable causes, and it underlines an important aspect of the mission of Soul Music and Performing Arts Academy which is to build community and bring art to everyone.

HOME is a wonderful place, filled with memories both happy and sad… HOME is a place where we are unconditionally loved .. HOME is a place where we are joyful, tired, or even thankfully bored. When we are looking to be comforted by our mother or our father or to play with our siblings, we think of HOME… HOME is where we can be ourselves.

Or in other words, “HOME” is the place for the heart, and our soul is anchored there so that when we feel we need support or help we always know we have a place to go.

On April 25, come to SMPAA and join Music In The Dark concert and Come “HOME” with us!

Please notice that the concert is not recommended for children under 10-year-old

Please arrive by 18:45 pm as the concert will begin on time.

Register to buy tickets here or call us at (028) 7101 7778 to buy tickets directly.


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