Read with Us #6: How do We Look at The Crisis of...

Read with Us #6: How do We Look at The Crisis of Our Time

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19 Apr – 28 May 2023, 07 am – 07 pm
Floor 02, Sóng Sánh Cafe
48 Ngọc Hà, Hà Nội

From the organizer:

* Curated by Hà Đào & Nguyễn Phương Thảo

Read with us #06 presents an assortment of publications about nature, the environment, or more specifically climate change. A topical buzzword now, the phenomenon has been unfolding for years across the globe. Never a stand-alone issue, climate stories are entangled with cultures, traditions, economics and religions. Let’s consider a wide range of photographic approaches to this complex topic, from 1980s issues of National Geographic to multimedia works about the ongoing ecological crisis.

* List of publications:

– National Geographic magazines (1980s – 1990s)
– Genesis – Sebastião Salgado (2013)
– Broken Spectre – Richard Mosse (2022)
– Montaña Roja – César Rodríguez (2022)
– The Banda Journal – Muhammad Fadli & Fatris MF (2021)
– We Were Farmers – Ore Huiying (2021)
– Fastidiosa – Jean-Marc Caimi & Valentina Piccinni (2022)
– Signos – Veejay Villafranca (2018)

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