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Rijksakademie 2011 Residency program: Call for Submissions
Submission Deadline: 01 Feb 2010

The Rijksakademie residency in Amsterdam is a space for the development of ideas for emerging professional artists. Resident artists work in an individual studio for one to two years on research, experiment, projects and production. Next to technical facilities there are a library and an artists’ documentation centre. Throughout the year, the resident artists work behind closed doors but, once a year, they open their studios to the public. The RijksakademieOPEN is an exciting opportunity to meet the artists, and find out about their work. Please click here to have a look at what the 2009 resident artists have produced.

The Rijksakademie has fifty-five studios. Annually, approximately half of these become available for new residents. We’re looking for potential talents to attend the 2011 Residency program.

One can apply for the 2011 residency between 1 Dec 2009 and 1 Feb 2010. Note that your complete application has to be with us by 1 Feb 2010. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

At the end of Nov 2009 more information on the application procedure and an online application form will be available on our website.


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