Man with a Movie Camera

Man with a Movie Camera


Sat 28 Nov, 6 pm
Screening room, Goethe

DOCLAB would like to invite you to the screening of the documentary Man with a Movie Camera by Russian director Dziga Vertov.

poster-2001Man with a Movie Camera is an experimental 1929 silent documentary film, with no story and no actors. It presents urban life in Odessa and other Soviet cities. Dziga Vertov was central to the Soviet Kino-Pravda (literally, “cinema truth”) newsreel series of the 1920s. Vertov believed the camera — with its varied lenses, shot-counter shot editing, time-lapse, ability to slow motion, stop motion and fast-motion — could render reality more accurately than the human eye, and made a film philosophy out of it.

The screening is non-profit and aims for studies and research only.

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