Hanoi Boogie

Hanoi Boogie

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Don’t miss this! Its delightful!

Hanoi Grapevine is happy to share with you Hanoi Boogie – a fun gift in celebration of Hanoi’s 1,000 years from a group of foreigners in Hanoi.
Check out the cool website, listen to the song, read the story behind it. And smile.

From Hanoi Boogie:
One winter afternoon (yes Hanoi has winter) a group of Westerners who have been grateful guests these past years decided to contribute to the city’s thousand-year anniversary celebrations. Something casual, something volunteer – no sponsorship or affiliation with any organisation – and most importantly something fun, since these anniversaries tend to get heavy. Why not an old-style pop song with a catchy melody and cheeky Hanoi references? It took a few months to get together but in the end it worked out and here we are.

“On behalf of all Westerners having recently lived in or visited Hanoi, this song is our way of saying happy birthday and thanks for the good times!” – The Gang (includes honorary Westerner Huy Drums!)

So now, let’s enjoy Hanoi Boogie.

For further details, please visit their website.


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