Interview – Ruth Mortimer on HITS winter project

Interview – Ruth Mortimer on HITS winter project

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Ruth Mortimer and HITS

After their very successful summer show “Love Shorts” sold out both nights, everyone now is eager and curious to catch the HITS crew on the discussion about their coming winter project.

We were lucky to have Ruth Mortimer, one of the key members of HITS, in a small interview in which she was very open answering all of our concerns.

Cast of Love Shorts by Katharine Cameron
Cast of Love Shorts by Katharine Cameron

Hanoi Grapevine (HG): Ruth, so you and HITS just got a very successful sold-out “Love Shorts”, was this the biggest show ever of HITS?

Ruth: No, actually it wasn’t. “Beauty & the Beast” in January got the highest audience figure, “Blood Brothers” in 2008 made the most money for charity. Love Shorts were smaller because L’Espace only seated 250 (although we squeezed in more) and it was mid-summer. However, it did receive the most press coverage and more Vietnamese press. It was the first show ever to sell out before the performance.

And all of the money collected from the shows were dedicated to charity, because members of HITS work merely on a voluntary basis towards the same hobby of performing art. And also because we are a true community theatre, we give everything back to the community.

HG: Thank you, and we are all eagerly waiting for your winter project which promises to be very interesting and a not-to-be-missed event. Is it possible for you to reveal some info to our readers now?

Ruth: Sure! We would love to have some musicals for the winter show, as you know HITS performance currently also attracts a lot of local people, not just expats, and if we just speak and speak English with all the slang and at a fast speed it might be a bit difficult for non-native English speakers, but if that is a musical performance with music and songs then everybody can enjoy.

However, we always find it very difficult to find a director. And one more important thing, as you know we are in HITS working voluntarily, so besides our jobs, friends and families, we have to spend a lot of time for HITS, finding sponsorship, looking for new members, rehearsing, etc. So the number of HITS may vary from time to time because a lot of people are not able to dedicate to HITS for a long stable period. For me, HITS is number one priority in my free time, but if I had family here I think it wouldn’t be possible either.

We just had a big party on 29 August to celebrate our 10th anniversary, during the party we got a lot of interested people asking about HITS’s info and possibly we would have more new members soon.

And actually some weeks ago a new director stepped forward and we are now in pre-production for our next show which will be the famous musical “My Fair Lady”. We will actually perform in March which will mark exactly the 10th anniversary of HITS.

The UnRehearsals

HG: Thank you Ruth for the open talk. We know that you are one of the most active members of HITS during the last 2 years, and it’s totally volunteer, so can you tell us what you get out of HITS?

Ruth: Well, I get many things! Friends, networks, self-confidence and happiness in doing things that I like and the opportunity to learn more every time we do another show no matter what role I take, on or off stage, I learn so much. You can not imagine my satisfaction and gladness after our “Love Shorts”. I felt proud of HITS, proud of every single person taking part in the show to make it such a big success.

HG: Thank you Ruth, we hope that HITS will continue to grow and bring us such brilliant performances!

Ruth talks about HITS and why you should be part of it.

Love Shorts
Love Shorts

 (Notes taken by PHM. Photos provided by HITS and Brian Ring)


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