Australian Dance Company Performs in Hanoi

Australian Dance Company Performs in Hanoi

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Remnant Dance in Hanoi

Sat 23 Jun 2012, 8 pm
Youth Theater

Small Pieces, A Gift – Australia’s Remnant Dance in Vietnam

From Remnant Dance:

Dance is powerful form of art and communication that can link people and cultures in the most unexpected ways. This month, the Perth-based performing arts collective,  Remnant Dance, brings their original contemporary dance works and films from the Australian outback to Hanoi.

Lucinda Coleman, Remnant Dance founder and choreographer, says she is excited about bringing Australian contemporary dancers to Hanoi, where there is a long history and appreciation of dance.

“The creative process transcends cultural and linguistic differences and allows for human connectivity through one of the most powerful of human faculties: the imagination,” says Coleman.

Remnant Dance performs at the Vietnam Youth Theatre on Saturday, 23.06. They will also host a cultural exchange dance workshop with the VYT dancers on 28.06.

“We are looking forward to experiencing the passion the Vietnamese have for their own dance and cultural heritage – and sharing our own,” Coleman says.

Remnant Dance is visiting Hanoi in preparation for their 2014 Asia Tour. For more information please visit

Remnant Dance

Notice: Vietnam Youth Theatre: Free entry.

Remnant Dance Collaborative Video Project calls for Videographer.

Watch My Grandmother’s Piano on You Tube:

Youth Theater
11 Ngo Thi Nham, Hanoi

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  1. Vietnam Youth Theatre crew are an AMAZING team! We feel so welcomed and honored to be in their stage “home”. Excited about the premier tonight — join us for a very special experience that is “Small Pieces, A Gift”

  2. I attended it. There were 4 female international artists and one female Vietnamese artist (and I really want to know their names), who wore unique costumes and performanced seem as free-style. To be frank, I don’t really understand its meaning. But I really like that feeling, artists made and brought to me new views, aspects, perspectives of this world. Although sometimes it glanced my mind without any remain, my mind immersed in my own thinks

  3. Thank you Khuyen and all our new friends in Hanoi! Thank you for welcoming us and for sharing the experience that is Remnant Dance. We had a WONDERFUL premier at the Vietnam Youth Theatre, with their AMAZING technical crew, headed by the superb Toan! C U @ HRC on Sunday!

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