KVT – The Road Home is a Beautiful Blur

KVT – The Road Home is a Beautiful Blur


KVT on the road home with Nguyen The Son

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About four times a year Diego and Laura of fashion and design house Chula host an art event at their extremely beautiful premises and residence right on the West Lake foreshore. These are called Chula Nights and the various courtyards are alive with music, sangria, fashion parades and cool people (Chula is Spanish for cool!)  Gallery spaces and other walls are devoted to showcasing new work of a particular artist.

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Last month were the photographs of exciting photographer Nguyen The Son and the more I see images of them the more assured I am of their outstanding quality. Being a story teller I can’t but help constructing scenarios as each comes up.

Nguyen The Son 2315

Son spent the last couple of years in Beijing studying for his Masters degree with some of Chinas best and avant garde photographic teachers. Earlier this year the Goethe Institute in Hanoi exhibited the photographic project that he would present to his university in Beijing and totally excellent it was.

As Son is one of Art Vietnam’s favorite artists their website is the ideal place to view his output of brilliant work on silk and his forays into print and photographics.

And also his bio.

I’m one of Son’s biggest fans and I really like the way that he never stays in the same photographic place. He’s always experimenting and pushing boundaries and his Chula show (courtesy of Art Vietnam) jumps away from the expected into a new and absorbing mode that dispenses with the classical approach so beloved of Vietnamese practitioners.

Nguyen The Son 2320

At first and second glance and then after a longer stare, the photographs look like painted canvasses and when you realize that they are actually photographs printed onto canvas, you almost swear that small marks of paint have been used to highlight or emphasize. But, no, it’s all ridgey didge photo.


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