KVT – Still Flying Extremely High

KVT – Still Flying Extremely High

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KVT continues a skyline fascination.

Nine excellent reasons to get along to the Japan Foundation to celebrate the final days of the extremely excellent installation come studio workshops come exhibition ‘Skylines With Flying People’.

Japanese artist Miyata has vaulted sky high (and though the two people in the image would like to be able to claim the feat, neither are Miyata) and you should have heard the crowd roar when he flew over at his third attempt

Skylines With Flying People 5252

Tuan Mami’s rice field under glass all over the Foundation’s library floor has sprung up through the cracks and is a wonder to see

Skylines With Flying People 5240

Skylines With Flying People 5241

Skylines With Flying People 5243

The mobile gallery is showing a video of its progress aroundHanoiwith free candy to suck on while you watch

Skylines With Flying People 5253

The Phu Luc (Appendix) Collective performance group has mounted a rather excellent and thoughtful installation inside their cubby house theater, with a video to show a performance about rice ….my image decided to be a bit fuzzy

Skylines With Flying People 5239

Nguyen Hong Ngoc’s kitchen still providing snacks and nutritious meals for all high flying Sweeties

Skylines With Flying People 5245

The output from the Sewing Factory being worked intriguingly deconstructively by Nguyen Quoc Tang (I’ll pick up my ordered decontructively reconstructed T shirt soon)

Nguyen Quoc Tang

And constructively by Lai Dieu Ha with her hybridized white stunner that I raved about in a post last week

Then there’s the bit no one should miss out on seeing…the brilliantly conceived video installation by Jamie Maxtone Graham which should be a smash hit when installed loopingly on a large gallery wall. Called …….

Skylines With Flying People 5248

It was a delicious ploy by the photographer to invite passers by to pose naturally and be photographed (rather video-ed) while the photographer excused himself and said he’d be back in a minute… and then after to sign a waiver that their images could be used publically. It’s so excellent to watch how people use that minute of waiting time. The piece has been edited and what you see is the final cut and if you were a poser then you may be one of the lucky ones to feature on screen

Quite brilliant!….Here’s a couple of  subject stills…..

Skylines With Flying People 5247

Skylines With Flying People 5249

Skylines With Flying People 5250

And then there’s another of  Tran Thu Hang’s fabulous dolls

Skylines With Flying People 5254

All of the above are encased in the totally brilliant wooden  installation  of Japanese architect Hattori Hiroyuki which should not be missed as it’s one of those constructions that all kids dream about and all adults with a sense of wonder wanted to dream about.

Hattori Hiroyuki

All of the preceding is overseen by the highest flyer of all, diminutive curator and enormous thinker Nguyen Phuong Linh who, if you catch her on site to congratulate her, is the tenth of my excellent reason.

Nguyen Phuong Linh

There is still a bit more I have to catch up with and a couple of  artists I have to experience… but I  have a week or so left to still be in a skyline frame of mind before the Japanese Foundation is restored to its complacent old self…. (what a pity!)

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  1. “… rice field under glass all over the Foundation’s library floor has sprung up through the cracks…”

    …I do not feel like it, but I do apologize if I offend people by saying: how much more than that banal can you get…?

  2. Dear KVT,

    The film about the people posing for their portraits is titled ‘Sorry, Can You Wait One Minute?’

    Many thanks for your comments and for being such a kind supporter of this entire project curated by Phuong Linh and of the arts in Hanoi generally!


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